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Mr & Mrs Loggerhead

"curse Of The Pirates Treasure" Geocoin

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Speculation? Let's just do a search for PASS and see what comes up....







And many, many more... It has always got to be something to complain about.


Did you bother checking on the cons I did buy?

Original Stash?


Project APE coin?

Planning to buy multiple California coins

Commented on a few nice personals lately (like DresselDragons)

GEO coin (from Erik K)




I agree this has gone WAY off topic so I'll start a new thread about where we can have a civilized (hopefully) discussion on coins in general.


I didn't say it was you saying pass. Remember, the person you said was speculating had said half to all would be complaining or saying pass. I found plenty of examples, never said it was going to be you every time.

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Let's get back to the topic of this particular coin. I've made no secret that I'm not missing out on this one like I did the original Loggerhead. That coin was gorgeous! So I ordered 3 of these before they ever posted in this forum.


I was wondering, I know this coin is about to ship. Did you get a sample, and do you have a picture of the actual coin? I'd love to take a look at it!

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:unsure: Greetings,


I have not been buying a lot of the coins out there anymore because of pricing or lack of interesting coins.


I have however purchased most of the coins this seller has produced and they are beautiful. I am on a very limited coin budget now, but I made room for this coin because it looks awesome! Thank you for producing another great looking coin!


I can't wait to get mine!

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Got mine!


For the only the reason that I can not resist the great 2" coins. My three favorites are 2" so I'm not letting this one pass by ... and anyway what's a couple more $$$$. ??

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This coin was cancelled, and we were all refunded our money.


This is news to me.


I paid for Curse of the Pirates’ Treasure coins on 8th July 2006.


I seem to have deleted the email, but I think I was later sent an email saying there was a problem with the coins and was offered the option of getting a refund or waiting and I chose to wait.


On the 6th of Dec 2006 I sent an email asking how things were going with the Pirate coins and got the reply:


“We’re going to try and launch the Pirate coin early next year!




So I’m still waiting and hoping.

Am I the only one? :ph34r:

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Sorry, I shouldn't have said cancelled! My bad! It was so long ago. I put my money towards the Alien coins, and just thought of it as cancelled.


They could very well be working on this coin (I'm sure they are)!

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