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Downloading To Legend Cx

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The geocaching area is technically a filter that uses the closed treasure chest symbol icon as a filter. If your symbol is a closed treasure chest it will appear in both waypoints and geocaches. Once marked as found it will change to an open treasure chest and will still remain in the waypoints ... but will be removed from geocaching. :ph34r: ImpalaBob

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Further to what ImpalaBob said ... on the "Geocaches" find page, you can hit the menu button and change the option to "Show Found Caches" and see the "open" treasure chests instead of the "closed" ones. Handy for extracting the list of caches you found on an excursion.

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When you do a FIND > GEOCACHES > pick > GOTO > FOUND .... It puts an entry in your Calendar for that day. You can see all you have done for any particular day using this feature. :laughing: ImpalaBob

Thank you so much for your help. I've downloaded my caches and am off on holiday tomorrow. That seems a really good tool for remembering which day is which.

I love my legend, so much better then my old yellow etrex1

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