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Upgrade To The Garmin 60csx

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Didn't I read that the 60csx has the sirfIII chipset ut he legned csx does not?


Anyway, My new 60csx is far and away better at picking up signal. I can geta lock inside my house away from windows.....Never before have I even come close to that. I would say that that the new chipset is a quantum leap forward in sensitivity....and even more so than when the they went from single channel to 12 simulantious.



I have a Garmin Legend CSx, and getting semi annoyed at how often it looses satalite reception in the woods. Does anyone know if there is an improvement with that quad antenna, or any others reasons I should upgrade to the 60csx.

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I just upgraded from a regular Legend, to the 60 csx. Took them both out today and did some caching, looking at both of them side by side. The 60 csx blows away the Legend.

I pulled into a drive thru car wash to wash the car on the way home, the Legend went completely dead, the 60 still held 6-8 satalites the entire time I was inside the brick building.

I don't think you will regret it if you upgraded.

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First thing I would ask you is how are you carrying the legendCx when your in the woods?


I own a legendC and have never had a signal problem when I hold the unit horizonal with the screen toward the sky. if i wear the legendC around my neck I will loose signal all the time. this was very annoying to my after owning a meridian gold(works great in your pocket) but I got use to having to hold the unit right.

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The 60 CSX does a much better job than the Legend at picking up satellites. Here is a picture taken inside my house of my 3 GPS's. A Legend, a Platinum and the 60CSX.



ETA: No my screens aren't scratched, it's just the glare off the screen protectors!

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Yes, I meant the Legend Cx, my mistake. Also, yes I loose reception more often when I do not hold it correctly.

But we've been on a path half a mile into the woods, and all of a sudden we're 300ft off track, then it'll jump back to the correct reading for a moment. I just don't like being in the middle of the woods with no direction to go but a guess.

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its really too bad that someone with a legendC or legendCx can't do a side by side comparison witht he 60cx.... the color etrex models are 100% better at signal reception that there older grey scale cousins.


I am going to order a 60cx within the next few weeks, then I should see some more accurate comparisions. I did go caching with a person who had a 60csx, my legendC didnt have as good of claimed accuracy in the woods, but still got me to the same spot just as quick as the newer model..... both of the gpsr were showing under 10ft from cache when standing basicly on it.

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its really too bad that someone with a legendC or legendCx can't do a side by side comparison witht he 60cx....


Legend C has the same receiver circuit but a worse antenna as 60CS. 60CX as the same receiver and antenna as 60CSX. Someone actually did do a side-by-side comparison of those. Seems it was a frequent forum poster, but I can't remember who it was...

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