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  1. I was having the same problem too. I switched SD cards and all is fine. Who knows???
  2. I was having the same problem. I switched SD cards and I haven't had the problem since (knock on wood).
  3. I was having the same problem with my 60 CSX - the GPS SW version would go to 0.00. I changed to a different sd card and the software no longer gets corrupted. You might want to give it a shot. Thus far its worked for me!
  4. I've done some experimentation regarding this problem. First I up dated my GPS with out the micro SD card. Within a few days the chipset software became corrupted and the GPS would not pick up any satellites. I then changed my SD card to a 2 gig PNY card from a 4 gig San Disk. So far so good. Perhaps I'll have to get a 4 gig PNY card or another San Disk. Maybe it's just a bad card? Thanks for your suggestion eaparks!
  5. I must be doing something wrong! I've had my 60CSx since 2006 and have never had this many problems with it. Tonight, on my way home from work I fired up my GPS, once again, I corrupted the chip set. I know tonight I held the power button in a little longer than usual because I didn't hear the "on" beep. Sure enough, it wouldn't get a lock on any satellites and I had to reload the G chip set software. It's frustrating, because I really like this GPS!
  6. Unfortunately, when I'm backpacking, I don't really want to carry my laptop with me. My 44 year old body has become sensitive over the years to the weight in my pack! A lot more so since I was 18 years old and humping a M60 or 90MM recoilless rifle! I guess I'll have to stick with my Vista HCx for times that I don't have a laptop around. I wish Garmin would come up with a fix for this. One of the more frequent uses for my 60CSx is on my boat. I'm out on the water a lot at night and I rely on my GPS quite a bit for navigation around many of the rock piles and unmarked old timber booms in the river. Don't get me wrong, I love my 60CSx but after losing the chipset firmware / software again I've kind of lost confidence in the GPS.
  7. When I plugged the GPS in and ran the updater, it said something to the effect of "Install Chipset G". I believe we can all agree that it's the software that is corrupt and not the actual chipset is missing. Just using Garmin's terminology when I was using their updater. Whether it's the software version (3.90) or the GPS SW (3.00s) I do not know. I didn't think to check it. ETA: Who's this "Princess Bride" you speak of and what does she have to do with navigation in the outdoors?
  8. I have read in the past about the 60CSx losing its chip set and the GPS becoming useless until the chip set is reloaded. From what I understand it's from hitting the power button while turning the GPS on. This has happened to me 3 times now while turning the GPS on in my Jeep. It has not been intentional, it's just that sometimes the ride can be bumpy and loud. Sometimes I re press the button because of a bump or I'm not able to hear the beep when the GPS turns on. Has there been any solutions to this annoying problem? I sure don't want this to happen when I'm out in the middle of nowhere backpacking or away from home and can't reload the chipset. ( I haven't experienced this with my Vista HCx - hopefully it doesn't suffer from this problem. Maybe my HCx will become my new go to GPS) Is there anyway the chipset can be loaded on the micro SD card for reinstall? I've performed a search for "60csx chipset" and received a lot of returns, but from the ones I looked at, none gave a solution or address this problem. Perhaps my search foo is weak. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have the same Micro SDHC chip in mine. When you turn your GPS on for the first time after installing the larger card, let it on for a little while. I believe it may take a bit of time for the GPS to read the maps for the first time.
  10. Mine didn't come with a knob, just the clip thing that I have no use for. I wish I would have got a knob and a belt clip. I would have a use for that!
  11. I've used a Silva Explorer since before I started using GPS's. You can't go wrong with a good army surplus compass, a Brunton or a Silva compass. Even when I was in the army back in the 80's I preferred my Silva.
  12. Just FYI, I tested my 60csx (and for that matter, my Magellan Platinum and Legend) with a calibrated and certified radar. When on a straight stretch with the cruise set the GPS and radar read the same speed. Believe me folks, your GPS is more accurate than your car's speedometer.
  13. Call me cheap, but for years I've been using Scotch brand clear storage tape. It's been a while since I bought any but I believe it was around $2.00 a roll. When you first put it on sometimes there are some distortions due to the way the tape is manufactured. However, usually after a warm afternoon in my Jeep the distortions are gone. The nice thing of it is, if it every gets dinged up, you just replace it for literally cents. I've been protecting my GPS screens with this stuff for years and never had any problems! This stuff is very clear! Give it a try sometime.
  14. I think the OPs problem is that he wants to put MapSource with the Topo data on a different computer, but doesn't have the CDs. Installing from the Garmin site will give him the Mapsource program, but not the Topo data. If you did a full install of Mapsource Topo, i.e. you copied the data to the hard drive, you may be able to install from the Garmin site and copy the data over, but you'll never get the program to work by copying the directory from one computer to another. Wingryder, Just FYI since it appears you did a full install of Topo on your old computer, the after installing Mapsource program as mentioned above, search your hard driver for the "East", "West", "Alaska" and "Hawaii" files. These are the files that have to topo data that you will need.
  15. Never mind I figured it out! I have to save the file as a GPX file. The question I should ask, is why do the answers come to me the same minute I hit "Add Reply"?
  16. Can someone help me out here? How do I convert my GDB file with my waypoints into a CSV file? It's probably a simple process but I can't figure it out!
  17. The 60 CSX does a much better job than the Legend at picking up satellites. Here is a picture taken inside my house of my 3 GPS's. A Legend, a Platinum and the 60CSX. ETA: No my screens aren't scratched, it's just the glare off the screen protectors!
  18. Nevermind....I was loading too many map sets from various mapsend maps.
  19. I'd like to bump this one to the top, as I have the same question!
  20. The GPS speedometer is very accurate. I've checked it with my patrol cars radar. The GPS is right on.
  21. Back in April I had this problem with my 60CSx as reported in an earlier post. I use my GPS on daily basis. To this date I haven't had the altitude problem resurface. I have the altimeter set for auto calibrate, a 512 card and I'm running the beta software. I forgot to mention in an earlier post that prior to recalibrating and restarting the GPS, I deleted the entire track log history. There were tracks on there from Taiwan, Japan and other places that I've never been! I don't believe that I have a need for those tracks. I don't know if that had anything to do with the altimeter problem or not. Don't abandon hope yet on this problem! Why do I feel that right after I hit the post button, my GPS will revert right back to the same problem?
  22. I've had this problem with my 60csx also. However, I reset the altitude information several times, restarting after each reset. The GPS has been working fine for a little over a week now.
  23. I have a 512 in mine. I would have liked to have got a 1 gig card but I ran into a deal on this 512 at Staples that I couldn't pass up. With rebates coupons and a sale I got the card for $5 and change! Right now I have about 450 mb of maps on it.
  24. There must be something wrong due to the fact I can't search this site using Mozilla Firefox. Sorry about the dupe topic!
  25. Dale, It very well could be that the NMEA has nothing to do with it, it's just that is what I had my GPS set at when things started to click! I guess I was just glad that I finally got things to work. I tried searching for USB using the search function. However, it came back no results. Sorry if it's a dupe!
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