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  1. I sold my gpsV and got the 60csx. Prior to that I had bought mapsource 4 and then upgraded to 6. Unlocking the 60csx as my second unit. Recently I tried to upgrade to 2008 on the 60csx. NO GO, garmin says I can only upgrade to teh gpsV (which I sold a few years ago). In short, I have to buy a full version to upgrade. I'm not happy with the situation enough so that I will never buy another road map product from garmin again. Since I now use my HTC TILT phone running TOM TOM I find it a much better autorouter than the 60csx (the garmin was really never meant to be an end all road router anyway). TOM TOM using the phone internet connection gives me traffic updates and routes me around traffic jams. cant beat that!!! My 60csx now will be used when I boat/fly/geocache but not for turn by turn navigation while driving. The software that came with the V can be used on two GPS units. The last City Select (about the same thing as City Navigator) that will work with two GPSs is City Navigator Version 8. 2008 or later only unlocks for 1 GPS.
  2. I'm using Tom TOm with the tilt and also google maps... The reciever is very sensitive and walking today it did freeze once. On XDA developers.com you can get new "radios" that enhance the gps and other "radio" functions of the TILT and alos new firmware that peple find and modify to suit thier needs. check xda-developers.com if you want to try out new radios on your TILT. Also, TOM TOM beats the heck out of my garmin 60csx for road routeing...even uses the cellphone internet connection to find traffic congestion. The garmin is better for geocaching but sinc eI do this so little I may sell the garmin and just keep my TILT solution. Garmin wont let me upgrade maps anymore so I'll never buy another garmin roadmap again...with the TOM TOM, I dont need or want to now since its so much better. Okay just an update, we were able to use GPS Tuner because we found GPSies.com which helped us a bunch with the maps and caliberation. We also are using cachemate now. We are very pleased with the TILT
  3. POWEREX brand have been rated very highly by dpreview and I love em. In contrast, the same size battery in powerEX compared to walmart engergizer Nimh the walmart version goes dead much faster sitting on a shelf and dont last as long and I have had a few bad ones that would stop taking a charge. energizer Nimh suck IMHO. Google POWEREX and get their charger/conditioner while your at it...you wont regret it. Make sure you buy acharger that charges each cell individually (not in pairs). I was always finding myself with unbalanced pairs (in my house at least where the wife and kids steal my batteries for toys and flashlights and remote controls). 2600 is just about the industry standard for NiMH AA these days. The completely normal blisterpack I bought at wal-mart yesterday were 2650.
  4. The words Cell phone and ruggedness dont really go together. I would say, in your car for navigation an all in one unit is OK (I have a TILT and a 60csx and a cannon digital rebel SLR camera). I always have my TILT, My gps and DSLR stay at home unless I'm needing them for a specific use. The TILT makes a good stand in for pictures and GPS but doesn't beat the real things. Now I do have a few beefs with the way garmin does their mapping (and how google maps are always free and up to date scoring one for the TILT). I guess if all you had money for was one of those things then the TILT would be it. I paid 150 bucks for the phone and the monthly cell phone charge is 80 bucks ($60 for 850 minutes + $20 for unlimited data).
  5. Love my new TILT from AT&T. Usd to have a samsung blackjack. No touchscreen but it did email and bluetooth and would tether to my computer. Much happier with the tilt
  6. Well, the band is nearly the same (144MHz vs 155Mhz) and I'll bet that power is close also so ones as good as another which brings you down to equipment availability and cost. Ham probably has the advantage here. There are lots of HAM options and lots of equipment and folks to run it...the only drawback is you need to be licensed to use it. Lots have HAMS just love to volunteer since they need a reason to be HAMS besides just jibber jabbin. kb9nvh Todd Hi, We used a local 2m HAM repeater, and the SAR frequencies are all commercial VHF (155.16, 155.205, etc). I put our test document and results at the location below - it has a lot more information: http://home.beyondbb.com/jmedlock/WMSAR_Ra...est_Results.pdf We need to do more tests, but HAM and a portable SAR repeater are our best bets in our mountainous terrain. Unfortunately the HAM repeater antennae took quite a beating last weekend with 55+mph winds, so I'm not sure when that will be fixed. Let me know if you have any question. Justin
  7. I would think that repeater location would be everything for quality communications. Was the SAR repeater close to the HAM repeater location or somewhere completely different? For th HAM case, what band were you in 440, 2m? What frequency are SAR's communications assigned?
  8. Your allowed to have repeaters with GMRS (legal). Setting up a mobile GMRS repeater in a vehicle on a high hill will allow teams in different valleys to talk to each other. I dont know if garmins has an "exclusion" to allow thier "postion data" to be transmitted on GMRS but I believe I read that the did somewhere. If they transmit on GMRS frequencies then a mobile GMRS repeater would be an easy and legal set up. Todd This can be done with a hand held ham radio, These radios are linked to repeaters and will have a much better range (Several miles) than depending in line of sight comm. The set up can be a little complicated as far as link to a GPS but quite a few hams do this, You may be able to get a local ham radio operator to held you with the set up. and every that use a ham radio will need to have a license, but the basic Tech. lic. is a fairly easy one.
  9. IS this true? "google maps uses raster images" I've been trying out thier Maps page and using my integrated GPS in my phone and it download each section very quickly and the "data" for the download is quite small. I had coninced myself that google maps used some sort of vector data to display thier road maps (not satellite images). It it for sure raster?????? Todd Google Maps tiles are raster images, like a bitmap. GPS units need vectors to be able to calculate routes and "stick to road" etc. Vectors are like saying "this is a line from 32.12,-79.84 to 32.13,-79.87". Unless your unit is able to overlay a graphic as the map, and use Garmin's base map for all routing purposes, it won't be possible. Even if it was, you would likely find yourself driving off-road by ~40-100 feet the whole time.
  10. The search function on this board is known to suck the paint off the walls of your house...Just dont even try. I wish they would upgrade this board to something better. Sorry I have no information on your topic, however.
  11. When I tried to "upgrade" my 60csx to the newest maps Garmin told me that since the 60csx was my second unit that I was not allowed to upgrade my software to it (only to my first unit which was a gpsV and was sold long ago). Anyway, to get new maps for my "second" unit I will be forced to pay full retail on new maps. Anyone else have this experience?
  12. I know that there was some incompatibilities between units as far as the privacy codes go (same codes but defined on different "numbers"). I looked into this when buying my frs radios so I could talk to my sisters family. I have never had issues between Rino 120s and my motorola radios. Its odd that you would be.
  13. Took my TILT on its first road trip. I'll start off by saying that without paying for software its just no comparison to having a dedicated navigational GPS on the dash. Also, I wonder, about wear and tear on the phone as I'm always pressing buttons changing screens on the Garmin. I hate to wear out my new PHONE in the first week. Anyway, looks like, for now, I'll be keeping the dedicated gps on the dash for navigation. Now, I do think that for finding cahches that the phone's TILT can do a pretty good job. The software is just not polished as well as the garmin. So again, garmin wins on experience alone. The TILT has some neat features (that are free) like softare called "track me" which uploads your loacation to a server and allows you or someone else to download it and see your track and current location on google earth. THis is too neat!!! Also, google maps has the potential to be better than garmin with this thing. With thier always updated maps and latest business database, the TILT has the garmin beat hands down. I would always choose the TILT over the garmin to find a business in my current location. This GPS on phone stuff is getting fun!!!
  14. A CAP flyer with a rhino could work wonders where folks on the ground would be hard pressed to get a signal from your lost boy. I've considered this myself if I ever had an occasion to take my kids to the mountain wilderness. If lost, a guy in a plane/helecopter would probably get an instant fix on your boy. I dont think cell coverage is all that great in wilderness areas, especially in the mountains unless your on top.
  15. One nice thing with the new BETA of google maps is that your location stays centered on the screen (even if you don't have GPS built in). If no GPS it uses tower triangularization for your location
  16. The GPS doesn't seem as sensitive as the SIRF chip in my 60csx but maybe as good as my old GPSV. Looks like this BeelineGPS doesn't need cell coverage at all. Go check out the page. http://www.visualgps.net/BeeLineGPS/screen_shots.htm @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ View Geocache Information as seen in the original website Export tracks to Google Earth XML format (learn more...) Comprehensive Trip Computer Advanced Analysis Plotting Import GPX files with geocaching support Advanced Waypoint Management BeeLineGPS is a high performance Pocket PC cache navigation and management software tool. Import GPX files and manage thousands of waypoints with the advanced Waypoint Manger. View, manage and hunt geocaches with ease and confidence while having fun, a perfect paperless solution. BeeLineGPS also includes active waypoint technology where a waypoint can trigger a warning window for speed traps, safety cameras or play a sound byte while on a guided tour. Other features include waypoint averaging, altitude profiling and a comprehensive trip computer. BeeLineGPS is the ultimate GPS tool for your geocaching and outdoor needs. BeeLineGPS waypoint database can support thousands of waypoints with over 120 icons to depict specific locations. If you don't see a specific icon, ask for it and we'll add it. Geocaching Geocaching -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BeeLineGPS has specific features to help the Geocacher find and manage the cache. With many Geocache icons, BeeLineGPS can help identify found, attempted, new and other cache states. Below shows the states and icons associated with these states. BeeLineGPS will also show detailed information using the web browser for each cache by simply clicking on the cache waypoint on the map. Using the GoTo waypoint feature along with the map screen, you can zero in on to the cache using the on-screen direction finder. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  17. Check out this youtube video of how google maps works!! Pretty neat. [
  18. Well, I made good on my word. A while back, I tried to upgrade my 60csx to the newest maps but because my 60csx was my second unit I had unlocked to they would not let me upgrade my 2006 city select and my only option was to purchase a new copy of citysnavigator NT for 120 bucks or so. Since I use my gps primarily for the road and the maps are strictly a road issue I decided to use the 120 dollars to off set the cost of a new cellphone with a gps built in. My thinking is that google maps is always updated and always free (I already have a cell phone unlimited data plan). Today I just got it set up and I must say I"m pretty impressed. Here's what you don't get. Turn by turn pop up navigation. You do get turn by turn but just not pop up. You get ALWAYS the newest maps, and you get immediate transfer to satellite view. You get fast routing and "traffic information". You also get info on business's that are close to your location. Google is working hard to increase the usefulness of this and I will guess that sooner than later you will be getting turn by turn. Another cool thing is that the camera on the phone will label gps coordinates to the exif info (if you want it). I don't have an iphone but I think that this bad boy has it beat in the most bang for the buck category. Touchscreen is GREAT and since its windows mobile 6 you have a huge choice of applications to choose from. This is so much more than a cell phone (and larger too so that may be a deterrent to some). The jury is still out weather i can sell my 60csx on ebay yet but I'm sure that eventually google will make this and easy decision. So, anyone else who is angry at garmin's map policies might consider going this route. Oh, the TILT also has wifi so you can keep off the cell tower when at home or in a hot spot.
  19. I dont have any answers for you but I'll bump this up because I'm interested in the TILT and how well it works for a gps. Mainly for driving but walking is important too. How is it for driving? Does it sync up to googlemaps? What do you use for mapping?
  20. Wait a minute. So if I set my altimieter to FIXED elevation then all my altimeter displays will be the GPS reading??? (instead of the pressure sensor one). Man if this is true (I fly home from Dallas thursday) then the altitude might just work in a pressurized cabin of a jet. Also, if this turns out to be true, Garmin deserves a SLAP for not figuring this out and letting us in on it long ago when everyone was asking about this. (Or did I just mis-read this thread and no one was implying what I just said?)
  21. The same exact same thing happened to me. They would not upgrade to my second unit. Forcing me to pay full price (which I wont). Unless I can get upgrade price I'm done buying maps from garmin!! My next GPS will be in my phone and Google maps will always be updated. and I'll never have to pay for maps again.
  22. I've been using cityselect version 6 for years and its suits most of my needs. Ocassional missed roads or reroutings are the worst but dont ever really effect anything important. The business names would be the only real problem and I've had it lead me to long closed movie theaters in florida. But for me, 60csx was my 2nd unlock and they will not upgrade to the second unit so I'm forced to buy a full priced version... I wont do it..in fact. My next GPS will be in my next cell phone.. Googles maps will aways be up to date. I would have paid 75 bucks to upgrade but not 120. I'll be using my 60scx for offroad when my new gps enabled cell phone gets here.
  23. Not only that!! They also wont let me update the maps on the "second" unit. Here's the scenerio. Bought GPSV in 2003 and cityselect version 4. Upgraded the gpsV to version 6 in 2005. Bought 60csx in 2006 and unlocked maps to it. Now I want to upgrade my maps to the 2008 version. The gps V is long gone. Garmin does not allow upgrades to the second unit. I'm SOL and have to buy a full map product if I want new maps for the 60csx. Garmins mapping policy sucks...I will certainly think strongly about other options before I buy again!! Think I'll save my money and get a gps in my next cell phone and use google maps that will always be up to date and can voice out turn by turn directions. Garmin has recently made a change in their update policy. Up until a little while ago, you could update TWO units with ONE update, but now with the newest version of the CN NA. V2008 you can only update ONE unit per update DVD. I had purchased TWO Garmin units ( 2730 & 7500 ) with the understanding that I would be able to do both of my units with the purchase of an update. So I'm not real happy about the change. If I want to update the maps now, I have to pay for TWO update DVD's or decide which unit I want to update. Tim
  24. They pointed me to the map upgrade screen where you put in your serial number. My original GPSV S/N works here but not the S/N for the 60csx (even though this was my second unit I unlocked my maps to). I can get an upgrade to my old gpsV that I sold a year ago but I wonder if it will load to my 60csx? I better call back. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to buy the full up 2008 version.
  25. I currently have a 60 csx with city select version 6 maps on it. This was my second unit to unlock to those maps. Now I want to upgrade to 2008 city navigator. I would like to get the NT version upgrade but it says it will only upgrade a previous NT version?? Am I eligable to upgrade at all (with the previous old stuff I have loaded)? Am I only able to upgrade to the non NT version, paying 60 bucks (not 139 for a full version)? Is the only way I can get NT version is to buy a full version of it??? Thanks for any help...
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