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Html Format?


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I prepared my cache page using HTML (as well as I could)

When I access the page, the encrypted hints are laid out in paragraph form:

Court Jester's Revenge by gallahad (GCHW6Q)

When I "decrypt" the page, the hint text runs together:


When I ask for a "print out" version, the encrypted text is laid out in a paragraph form:


When I "decrypt" the "print out" page, it remains in paragraph form:


So what's causing it to run together when I simply ask for the decrption of the hints on the main page???? :)

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The problem is that your embedded HTMLin the hint is being encrypted/descrypted. For example, <p> becomes <c> (which, of course, means something other than what was intended.


My reading of http://www.geocaching.com/includes/rot13.js shows that you might be able to psyche this out by putting your break tags inside square braces. Maybe.


Very likely that function should be maintaining a similar shift state for HTML tags if the body is HTML. Raine?

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Actually, I think that might be a function of the Javascript "quick decrypt" functionality. What happens if you click on the "encrypt" a second time after you've decrypted it the first time? On my, it then reformats the text properly.

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