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Signal Comparing, Legend Cx Vs Legend

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I asked this on the Map60c as well.


Does anyone have both the older legend and the Cx? If so is there a big difference with getting a signal in heavier trees and such? Seems like it would be the same antenna/chip and all and not be different, but thought I would ask you guys.


I know the Cx has all the goodies the Legend doesnt, Im just curious on signal reception.

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If it's anything like the difference between the Vista and Vista C, the difference is dramatic. My Vista C is for some reason much better at getting and keeping a lock than the older Vista.


It is still a patch antenna however, so obviously you still suffer from quicker lose of signal than with the MAP series which use the quad-helix antenna.

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I've got both, and am currently using both side by side as much as I can.


The Legend Cx seems to get a signal lock quicker than the the Legend, and does seem to hold it better under cover.

However, I've not had chance to fully test them side by side under thick tree cover, as the leaves have only just come out in the UK.


One thing that I have noticed about the Legend Cx is that it can lose virtually all sats, but will still claim an accuracy of 3-5m for quite a while before it eventually admits to having lost the signal, whereas the Legend very quickly admits that the signal is degrading or has been lost.


This is a little worrying, but hasn't caused me any issues yet.


Overall the acquisition speed and ability to keep a lock is MUCH improved over the original Legend, I can even get a lock indoors in my mothers timber framed building, which the original Legend cannot do.


Hope this helps.



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I totally agree with the posts above.

I upgraded from the Vista to the Vista Cx and was quite impressed with the performance! Holds locks indoors and under three cover!

really love the Vista Cx, until it broke ;) , can't wait to have my new one!

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Hey, folks. I am new on the forums. I recently posted that my wife & I have just upgraded from Legend to Legned Cx. Very happy overall, but, specific to this thread...


So far, when our two units show a difference, the older Legend is more accurate (when geocaching). And several times the Cx has been off by 50 feet or more while the plain Jane monochrome Legend has been spot on. A couple other folks have responded to my post, and someone else just posted in the thread I reference below.


If anyone else with the Cx is seeing significant accuracy problems more than is to be expected, kindly post it on this thread below (sorry RangerR47-- I had already sent a few PMs directing to this new thread before I found this thread you started). If it looks like a lot of folks are seeing this, I'll try to run it up the Garmin flagpole and see if they tell me we're nuts, or whether they have any ideas or patches.






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My wife has the Legend Cx and I have the Legend. We geocache together often and the Legend Cx definitely holds the signal better in heavy tree cover. More than once mine has said "Lost satellite" while hers still had a reading. I've NEVER seen it the other way around. Her Legend Cx also seems to get a satellite lock quicker than my Legend. One note - the Legend Cx NEEDS the v2.60 firmware. Without it, she was always 30 ft off in one direction (always the same direction) from the cache location, while my Legend was usually right on. v2.60 software fixed that, and now her Legend Cx points as close, if not closer, to the cache than my Legend. There is a separate thread dedicated to that issue.

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