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  1. Thanks for the replies, I did find the thread a little time after I posted. Was hoping to track down the owner, as someone has obviously paid for the coin, but it unactivated. Oh well, I guess if the enquiries at the bash don't turn anything up then I'll register it myself. Cheers for your help, Adrian
  2. I picked up a "Knights of the Ammo Box" geocoin at a cache bash yesterday, and went to log the coin, but it is unactivated. There was no code with the coin, so its obviously been travelling. On the back it says "Denbighshire Cache Event 2006" I have searched for "Denbighshire Cache Event" and various combinations on the GC Cache search, but have had no joy finding the relevant details. I've been away from caching for the last 8 months due to injury. Is there something about this coin that I've missed? Thanks, Adrian
  3. Congratulations Well done on your 200th, Adrian
  4. I think that Quakemap does this as well. Adrian
  5. I've just returned mine for exactly the same reason, and a replacement was sent out from Garmin Europe and was with me 3 days later, fantastic customer service (I know who I'll be buying my next GPSr from). Same story here, it was working fine at the weekend, but when I tried to turn it on during the week it wouldn't. Tried different batteries, plugging in to USB and the hard reset described by tech support over the phone (push and hold menu, page & clickstick centre buttons and then push power). So yes I have experienced the same problem with the same model. Adrian
  6. I had a similar problem with the icons on the PDA despite deleting all of the icons which are not really used such as Virtual with TB, earthcache with TB, etc from the PC. The only way I could get it to work was to uninstall MemoryMap from the PDA, the re-install it by the normal process from MM on the PC. This syncronised all icons with what was on the PC version, and I now have all of the correct icons on the PDS, including CITO and Motorway Mayhem. Hope this helps. Adrian
  7. GSAK is fantastic, though I don't untilise much of its ability. There is very little that I need as a cacher that GSAK can't do. Best part is that with a single button press, I can download my PQ's from GMail, and export 2 overlay files for Memorymap, one which works on the PDA so that the cachemate page opens when you click the icon, and the second for the PC which opens the GC.com webpage when you click on the icon. As others have said, its definitely a case of the more you put in, the more you get out. Adrian
  8. I've just tried to use spoiler sync for the first time, and think that I'm doing things right but it keeps reporting no spoilers found. I'm doing the following: 1) - Exporting a spoilers.gpx file from GSAK to my desktop 2) - Loading this file into spoiler sync telling it to put spoiler photos into C:\Spoilers Spoiler sync keeps displaying the following message. "0 Waypoints processed 0 Pictures downloaded 0 files deleted" This happens even if I de-select the following tick boxes: Only download pictures with "spoiler" in the caption Ignore pictures with "no/not spoiler" in caption I know that there are spoiler pictures in the caches within the gpx file, but they're not being found. Is there something that I'm missing? Any help gratefully received. Adrian
  9. I called Tech Support yesterday, and when the hard reset they described over the phone didn't work, they gave me an RMA to send it back to them. I would have sent it back to www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk, but wanted to make sure that I got a new unlock code for Mapsource Topo GB if they send a replacement unit, as I shouldn't have to use my second unlock code when the first unit was faulty. I've been toying with the idea of selling my old blue Legend, but am now really glad that I didn't. Hope it doesn't take to long to come back. Adrian
  10. Many congratulations on your 2000th find Andy. Keep up the good work. Adrian
  11. Annoyingly, my Legend Cx appears to be dead, it has worked flawlessly until I went to turn it on today, then nothing. Tried new batteries, connecting to USB, removing the memory card, and a hard reset but the power button still won't turn the unit on. I haven't recently updated the software, so its not a failed bios update thats causing it. Any ideas? Will try Garmin tech support in Romsey tomorrow. Adrian
  12. Hoping that I'll be able to make it. Adrian
  13. The official Memory-Map outlet can be found here: Memory-Map Outlet Adrian
  14. All Garmin's for me 1st GPS - Etrex Venture 2nd GPS - Etrex Legend Current GPS - Etrex Legend Cx Will eventually get rid of the venture, but can't bring myself to get rid of the Legend just yet. Adrian
  15. Besides the Gramin mount, the other option is the RAM Mount for an Etrex. Etrex RAM Mount You need the Etrex cradle and either RAM-B-149 or RAM-B-149ZA to mount it to the bike. This is a relatively heavy setup, but will not let go of the GPS, and can be positioned however best suits you. Its particularly helpful if you use a handlebar bag, as it still allows you to get the Etrex horizontal. Adrian
  16. Thanks again to those who posted after my initial thanks. A bash for 500, I'll have to see about that, you may be waiting until Xmas time. Adrian
  17. Congrats on your 800th Keep up the good work guys, hope to see you again soon, Adrian
  18. Thanks guys, enjoying it again very much at the moment, and am determined to keep going to 500 this year. See you all soon, Adrian []
  19. I normally have WAAS enabled over here in the south of the UK. The Legend Cx is usually quoting +-4-5m before EGNOS kicks in, but then quotes down to +-1-2m once its got a lock on an EGNOS bird. I only turn it off when the batteries are getting low to save some juice and give a bit more runtime. Adrian
  20. I have to say that I was gutted when I slogged my way up the Lungbuster in the Isle of Wight for This One only to find that it was a very poorly made replica. I know it says replica in the title, but at the time I only looked at the cache page and saw that there was a coin there, so its my own fault I suppose. Adrian
  21. IIRC, Go to Settings, then System. Make sure the GPS setting is Normal, as WAAS will not work in battery saver mode. Then change the WAAS box to enabled. Jobs a good'un. Adrian
  22. Try Waypoint workbench from here. Waypoint Workbench Adrian
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