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Gpsmap 60cx Or Gpsmap 60csx

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I am looking at buying a gps for both geocaching and work. After much research I have settled on the Garmin gpsmap 60x series. From what I can tell the only difference between the 60cx and 60csx is the built-in electronic compass and built-in barometric altimeter in the 60csx. For those who have used one or both of these gps units, how important are the electronic compass and altimeter for geocaching and everyday turn-by-turn uses? Is it worth the extra money?





Lenoir, NC 28645

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I have a 60csx and had a 60cs before that. I use it for both geocaching, and hiking. As well as turn by turn when I travel for business. It has always worked with no problems what so ever.




It has never been because of the built in compass or altimeter that I was able to more easily find a cache, or an address.


In fact I don't even have the compass on.


I do like to check the altimeter and keep track of rate of ascents / descents so I think that is a nice feature.


Long story short unless the altimeter really does something for you, get the 60cx and use the extra money you would have spent on a bigger memory card.


but that is just my opinion.... And cue the people who love the compass and now in turn hate me...




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I'll chime in from the opposite camp ... I find the compass a handy asset in the field. It is frustrating when you're in the field trying to find something and you accidentally change your orientation but fail to move sufficiently (or the satellite lock changes without you moving) and your pointer is now no longer pointing toward where it thinks GZ is located.


With the compass, I simply set the unit down and walk away to begin searching. Since the compass doesn't depend on movement to sense direction, it will automatically orient itself to point in the right direction.


I do have the compass set to automatically turn off when I start moving since the satellite tracking is more reliable when moving and not affected by local magnetic fields, etc.


As for the altimeter, I find the info interesting (to see how much of an elevation change we may have made while going for a cache), but beyond just being "interesting info", those stats are not overly useful in finding the cache.


Also, there's one other benefit of the compass ... and that is as a safety net if/when you lose satellite lock (such as in a cave or a ripple tube). Always nice to know which way is north when navigating where you can't for some reason get in touch with the satellites.

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I had the Vista, with barometric altimeter and compass, and when buying a new unit I first decided to go with the Legend Cx, because I thought I could miss the sensors.

Once I had my new Legend Cx and had a look at the elevation profile after a bicycle ride, I was quite in shock ;) , there were quite some peaks in my flat region!

This, added with that nervous map pointer and bearing pointer flipping all the time when I was playing with the unit when standing still, made me decide to change my Legend Cx for a Vista Cx...

Maybe it's because I was used to the sensors before that I wasn't too happy without them.


Just my experience, added to the ongoing discussion :D

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I do have the compass set to automatically turn off when I start moving since the satellite tracking is more reliable when moving and not affected by local magnetic fields, etc.



how do you do set it to do that?


You go into menu, setup, heading. And change it so that it will switch to compass heading when you are at 0 mph for more than 90 seconds or whatever time period you want to use.




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I recently upgraded from a Legend Cx to a 60CSx and I have to say that I am very surprised at how useful I find the compass feature. I actually ordered the unit more for the SIRF chipset, but I immediately fell in love with the compass! It is nice to know which direction you are facing without having to move and let the unit re-orient itself. I have no opinion on the altimeter yet (only because I have yet to put this function to use), but I have no doubt that the kiddos and I will put it through its paces this summer.... :anibad: ... So, count my vote for the CSx...but in either case you will be getting a solid, state of the art unit that should last you for a long time...Good Luck, Happy Hunting, and welcome to the fun!!!!!!---Team5150

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I have the 60csx and love it, especially now that they have fixed some of its flaws with the latest firmware update. I could live without the altimeter - I don't find it any better than the gps elevation at times and sometimes worse. I like having the compass avaliable, but I don't have a real need. At the price point these things are at, a bit more for the compass and altimeter didn't seem like much. I just wish I could turn off the altimeter at times.



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I used the compass rock climbing, never though I'd use it, but I did. It was great because I was looking at a topo and I knew what rock I wanted to be at, but I definitely couldn't move. It was nice to be able to point the gps in the direction of the rock and see it on the map. I haven't had any of the hold level problems other people seem to complain about.


Now that they've fixed the elevation issues I like the altimeter too.

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I use a 60CS. I assume that the compass feature is equally accurate in the 60CS as the 60CSX. I have found that using the built in compass for navigation to a cache was extremely dificult. It bounced around to much to get really acurate information. I carry a real compass instead. You can buy a pretty nice compass for the diference in price between the 60CX and the 60CSX.

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