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  1. I am looking to buy a new version of City Navigator NT on disk for my Colorado. Can I buy the new version that will have the 2009 update? I was wondering if I had to buy CN NT and then also buy the 2009 update????
  2. Where are some good places to find a good price on the latest version of CN NT? I don't want the microSD card version.
  3. I submitted one this am and here it is like 14 hours later and it still hasn't run. I submitted another one just now and it ran but not the one from this AM. It seems like it is working.
  4. my PQ from this AM has still not run. It has been 3-4 hours. It was a new PQ and I checked Run this query once then delete it to hopefully get it to run.
  5. I ran one single regular PQ on the 9th. It never ran. I ran another single PQ this AM and it hasn't ran.
  6. I was trying to run 2 PQs for this going out of town....won't run
  7. Did you have the unit display that before you ran the Webupdater, to verify that it was still there? IIRC, some who have experienced a similar problem have reported that the unit will show Version 0.00, I think for the chipset firmware, when it happens. It seems that somehow the firmware gets erased. I didn't check it...I should have
  8. So I head to the lake to go fishing yesterday. I ran my GPSr for a while then I turned it off and put it up. Then I took it out and turned it back on. It would say acquiring satellites but would not show ANY satellites on the satellite page on the map or at the bottom AT ALL. So I repower it a few times and try it again later and still nothing. The version I had on it was 3.60 and 3.00. So I get home and it still won't work so I run Webupdater and it says there is a new chipset for it. I put it on and it works just like normal now. That is weird, I have no idea what happened. Maybe somehow my chipset dropped or got bumped. I have had it a few years and never had it do this.
  9. I guess they are working on the site again...I was trying to submit a new cache and keep getting an error page. http://www.geocaching.com/error/general.aspx
  10. I was trying to submit a new cache, and I can't get to the page. I keep getting an error page. anyone else?
  11. Ok, I have been putting off ordering a Colorado 400t, but I finally did it. I currently have the non NT version of City Navigator (with one unlock remaining). I was wondering if the NT version of City Navigator is the only one that will work on the Colorado? thanks
  12. we were figuring it was those events where people log a bunch of temporary caches as finds on the event page
  13. I was looking at profile and they used www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com for their stats. Total caches and unique caches numbers were not the same? What is the difference?
  14. if you put out a cache and it is a premium member only cache, can you go back later and make it available to all by editing the listing? also, if a cache is open to all can you make it a premium member only cache later?
  15. so I uninstalled CN8 and now it will open mapsource I will reinstall it tomorrow and see if it will open
  16. so I have Garmin TOPO and CN8 I was trying to open MapSource and it comes up and says CN8 is over a year old, click here to update or buy the new version. BLAH BLAH BLAH........ well usually I just click remind me later and it will let me in...now it won't let me click on anything in the pop-up and then MapSource closes. Any suggestions on how to get it to work. I was thinking just uninstall it and then re-install it. It has worked fine for years until this week. The pop-up that CN8 is over a year old has been appearing for a few months but it has let me in until today.
  17. I am running CN 8 and US TOPO.....is TOPO 2008 much better than US TOPO? or would I just be let down if I purchased it also?
  18. free shipping? I have found some for 9-15 bucks...looking for one with free shipping
  19. I have a friend looking for a 1GB or 2GB micro SD, anyone know of any great deals right now?
  20. I have a 60C that I don't use much....it is used, but doesn't have any scratches on the screen. I have like 2 other GPSrs I use more... I was wondering what would be a good price to ask for it?
  21. http://stocks.usatoday.com/custom/usatoday...8A1FA219F60C%7D
  22. actually the x in the model of the Garmin line means it has a removeable microSD flash memory card not that it is a SIRF unit... but the SIRF receiver does make a big difference in satellite reception...I have had a signal lock in a 5 story parking garage and even in the elevator of the parking garage...granted the signal in the elevator at the parking garage wasn't the greatest, but it did maintain a lock
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