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How Do You Load Tables Into New Cache Pages?

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I am trying to learn how to place a data table into a new cache page - specifically, a sudoku puzzle. No matter which fromat I use, the new cache page eliminates the table lines and I end up with a jumble of numbers. I built the puzzle in Excel and loaded it into WORD but it was lost in the translation when placed in the new cache description.


The same thing happens when trying to create a spacing format in the geocacher Profile page. When trying to create a list, the format is thrown out and the words lumped together. How do you 1) format these entries or 2) load them so that the format is maintained when placed in the new cache or Profile page?


Any help is appreciated. TexasGreg

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For my sudoku cache, I made the table in Excel, took a screenshot, hosted it online, and linked to it from my cache page.


To place a table on a cache page or create a spacing format in your profile page, I'm pretty sure you have to use html, but I haven't tried it.

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Basic format for a table with lines (border) goes like this:


<table border=1>
<td>4</td><td> </td><td>6</td>

The tr tags stand for "table row" and td tags mean "table data" which basically means one cell in the table. I arranged all the tr tags into one row of code to make it easier to visualize, but you can put them all on seperate lines, it doesn't matter.

The above code will generate a table with borders that looks kinda like this:


4 6


I suggest that you insert this code instead of a space in your blank cells:



And yes, this all hinges on if you have checked "cache desriptions are in html".

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