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  1. I just read through the geocaching response and the problem is in your Reach the Peak software. I don't plan on deleting and reentering 19 caches (not to mention one is an Adventure Lab - would not know how to do that anyway) that posted correctly to the Geocaching.com site. The information is correctly in your system - rerun the Reach the Peak software against your own database and correct the error. The fix is your issue and should not require thousands of geocachers to delete and reenter this information that is already correctly in your system.
  2. Yes. Saw the same 'miss-count' on Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021. I had 1 Adventure Lab and 18 Traditional caches that posted to geocaching.com correctly but did not count in the Reach the Peak totals. This is a total of 7,070 points not credited to Denali for the day. Reach the Peak did add 4 Adventure Labs and 6 Traditional caches so it was partially working. Don't know why the exclusion occurred but would like it corrected. TexasGreg
  3. Yes. I have not had Edit or delete capability on saved logs for more than two months. Another change is I no longer get a listing I can open and view when I create a pocket query or cache along a route. This change happened about the same time. I am a Premium member since 2005 and it is frustrating that GC cannot fix this problem. I have reported it several times and GC wants me to send snip-its of the problem. This is not a single-user issue. I have opened the Gecaching website under Foxfire and Google Chrome but have the same issues. Very Frustrating. TexasGreg
  4. We have several trips planned where there are multiple lab caches in a given area. Rather than make redundant trips across the city to log all the finds, is there an app or process to combine the Lab cache coordinates so you can map an efficient route to cover the areas one time and get all of the Lab caches? We did the GeoWoodstock 17 runs in Ft. Worth last year and it required entering and reentering several busy sections of town as we completed one Lab series and moved to the next one. Would really appreciate someone's help in looking at options to streamline this process. Would rather spend my time finding and logging Lab caches than running around the city, revisiting the same areas over and over . . . . .
  5. Is there a way to see the 'fields' of data in a waypoint download? When caching in a new area with a downloaded file of available caches, it would be nice to 'screen' the download for specific caches you might need to complete a challenge - such as the jasmer cache date placed or cache owners whose name starts with an 'X'. Does anyone know of a way to see the individual data fields in a cache GPX record so that you can identify specific caches to find to meet a need? TexasGreg
  6. I'm sure this question has been raised numerous times, but I can't get the search software to cooperate. I would like to generate a state map that highlights the counties in which I have logged caches found. I've used them in the past but have no current website flagged to do this. This mapping is helpful to those of us for showing which counties we have/have not logged finds in. Can anyone direct me to an active website that does this or the software I can use/purchase to give me the graphics? Thanks for your help. TexasGreg
  7. Voted today. Looks like approx. 800 people have voted with more than half of the responders being in the 30 - 50 range. Vote and see ther esults for yourself -firtshand! TexasGreg
  8. Hey, San Diego. I am visiting San Diego next week and wanted to get a few puzzle caches while in the area. I noticed several are IHO caches. I'm not familiar with IHO and would like to try a few while in the area. Can you send me to a website that will help me learn how to solve the IHO puzzles? Might be able to transplant the concept to Texas. Always looking for a new twist to the game. Thanks. TexasGreg
  9. I was in the same boat and had to scramble to get the five different metal/finishes which are: Gold, Nickel, Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, and Black Nickel. Hope this helps. TexasGreg
  10. I'm looking for the 2002 and 2003 Texas Geocaching.com geocoins. They are bronze, non-trackable coins that have a Texas State front with different Geocaching backs. I have the following coins (unactivated) to trade: 1 - 2005 Texas Coin (aka Texas Hiker) 2 - Texas 2006 geocoins (Six Flags coin)
  11. I collect the Texas-themed geocoins and would like to locate both Texas 2003 Geocaching.com geocoins. Other than trying to catch one on eBay, what other sources can be used to locate the coins? I searched CoinTrader with no luck. Any help is appreciated. TexasGreg
  12. I like the 'discovered' feature for the geocoins. It allows me the option to add the icon to my Trackable list and continue to make the coin available to Junior cachers that can move the coin to a local cache they have not logged yet. I am 'cached-out' in my area and have to travel 50+ miles to get to new caches. This would take the geocoin out of the area - depriving local cachers an exciting opportunity to find and log a geocoin. Is there a way to limit the 'discovered' feature to just the geocoins? I have been toying with the idea af creating a 'virtual' geocoin hotel where I make the coin tracking numbers of my personal coins available in a physical cache for cachers to 'discover' and add the coin icon to their trackable list. It allows area cachers to increase their Trackable icon count and the coins never go missing. I'm not interested in releasing every coin I buy and this would allow me to share the coin's icon with multiple cachers. Has anyone else thought of using the 'Discovery' feature for a virtual coin drop?
  13. I was in Las Vegas in March for the NASCAR race and found a benchmark on the strip just down from the MGM Grand. It was a State of Nevada/Department of Transportation, dated 1998. I don't have the picture on a URL address and can't figure out how to upload the picture. Email me if you want a photo of the disk. TexasGreg
  14. Thanks for the hints. I will try to use them this weekend and update several records. TexasGreg
  15. I am trying to learn how to place a data table into a new cache page - specifically, a sudoku puzzle. No matter which fromat I use, the new cache page eliminates the table lines and I end up with a jumble of numbers. I built the puzzle in Excel and loaded it into WORD but it was lost in the translation when placed in the new cache description. The same thing happens when trying to create a spacing format in the geocacher Profile page. When trying to create a list, the format is thrown out and the words lumped together. How do you 1) format these entries or 2) load them so that the format is maintained when placed in the new cache or Profile page? Any help is appreciated. TexasGreg
  16. I found a State of Nevada benchmark (called a Control Monument - Dept of Transportation) while in Las Vegas this weekend. Is there any way to log this one? It's not a NGS benchmark but it is a state of Nevada benchmark (#413221H - placed in 1998). Have image but I don't have a URL site to download it from. Please help me find more information! TexasGreg
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