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Events - Hard To Find Dates!

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I ran a PQ to find UK events and worked my way through them to find out when and where they are. For most of them, it's very hard to find the date quickly, which is often embedded in the text somewhere. In two instances, I can't see a date at all!!


This is a plea for those who may not be local to an event or have participated in discussion about it, to put the date in large typeface at the start of the text please!!

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Thanks SP. Yours was, in fact, the easiest one to spot. :huh:


I must admit to not relying on the 'hidden' date; as it's not obvious whether this is indeed the date of the event or the date it was created. I expect that this subtlety might elude newbies and nice bold details on the cache page are much better.


Ok, I think I've said my piece! <_<

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I quite agree that the "Hidden date" is not obvious, unless you actually know. Unless the event has occured, then this date will be sometime in the future.


Personally, I see them first from the "newest Caches in the United Kingdom" page. But if your first notification is via a PQ giving you the cache page, then I was just pointing out an alternative. <_<

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