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Cache Site Made Famous?!

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Apparently my cache site appeared in Dr Who on Saturday - cool! They must have been filiming only a few feet away. Thanks Mitch.mob, for letting me know.



"This cache container is deceptive. When you open it, it actually appears to be a lot bigger inside."


Anyone think of a better caption? D'you think the BBC would sue me for copyright if I put the image on the cache page?!

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"The wrong Space/Time co-ordinates AGAIN? You know to take extra care with the maths when doing Multis!"


"We're sixty feet from where we were supposed to land. If there'd been tree-cover we'd have been over the cliff. Who built this Tardis anyway, Garmin?"


I'd use the picture and put a copyright note with it, along with a link to the page it came from. That way you're promoting the BBC, not ripping them off :anicute:

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you're not the first, in the last series, Rose was pointing right at This Cache


Excellent, I think someone at the BBC's got a 'thing' about Geocaching. We saw a BBC film crew up in the mountains the other day, near this cache, so maybe that one's next!


Thanks for telling me where the Goldfinger cache is, by the way, I was planning on finding this on Saturday! :anicute:

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There must be something in the air at the moment! :laughing:


Although not as good as Dr Who ....


One of Simply Pauls is on TV for the second time! The black windmill featured in the Daily Express advert.


I'm told that the 1-in-1 hill, that can be seen on route to one of ours, is on Skys 'Vroom Vroom' - haven't seen it yet, but am intending will watch the repeat tonight!


any others???

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Oh yes, with the guy frolicking with his kids in autumn leaves, with a campavan behind him. That windmill (as well as Ivinghoe Beacon at the end -or start- of the Ridgeway -and Ridgeway Run) was also in an ad for a government easy benefits payment thing, featuring a blind cyclist.


I saw a few cache locations in the BBC series Coast, shown last year and being rerun now.

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