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Mapopolis Display Of Caches


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I had previously looked at Mapopolis last year and thought it was nice, but since I didn't have a GPS that would work with my Palm (a Treo 650) I ended up removing it. Well, now I do have that GPS and have been using the latest version of Mapopolis with some demo maps downloaded from their site. I recall (and have tracked down and downloaded) that Mapopolis provided a tool to convert GPX to their proprietary maplet format for display on the Palm, but their webpage appears to have removed all mention of this capability, and I can't seem to get the maplet I just created with gpxtomaplet to display in Mapopolis... it's been transferred to the Palm, I can see it in the file list in the local RAM (have tried on the SD card as well, alongside the regular maps), but no dice. Have they removed this capability, or am I just doing something wrong?


Appreciate any input - thanks!

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Did you select the maplet to display? As you've likely learned, you have to select each of the county maps that you want to display from within the program. This is the same with the maplet files. You have to call up the maps in the program itself, and you should see the maplet file displayed and selectable. Once you select it, it should appear.


Mapopolis, at least for the Pocket PC, had what some considered a glitch where you have to call up the map selection screen and refresh it for all recently added maps to appear. You might want to try this if the maplet file doesn't appear. If there isn't a refresh option, then point it to a different folder, then point it back to your map folder. It should show up and be available for selection.

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Actually it appears that maplet support has been completely removed from the latest PalmOS version. Finding that information required poring over about 1000 forum posts in various places. It's amazing how little information is available on their site.

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The new version of Mapopolis replaces the old Maplets with "Geomarks". You can add geomarks for your cache targets in you Palm address book. You add a new entry in the address book for the cache and add the coords for the cache in the "Custom 1" field of the address book entry.


You can also add a geomark in reverse through the Mapopolis menu. Tap on a spot on the map and it will insert the entry into your address book.


Mapopolis will then show a little box at the set of coords you entered.


I find this feature very useful for driving to the trailhead. I enter the coords for the trailhead parking area and use Mapololis point ot point navigation feature to tell me how to get from where I am to the selected geomark.


Then I switch over to GeoNiche for the actual hunt after I leave the car.


I have 2 gripes about Mapopolis though... 1) I use the downloaded regional maps (rather than their canned SD cards) and they have a bug that confuses water and land at individual map boundaries. My particular problem is the lower portion of the Connecticut River, where it looks like the river has flooded out the entire area. 2) Mapopolis is very slow to launch and quit as it takes a long tome to search system memory and cards for maps at start up and shut down.



Colchester CT

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I'm glad to see someone else mention seeing the water problem in Mapopolis. I was beginning to wonder if I'm the only one.


They REALLY screwed up Hawaii. According to Mapopolis, the Pacific ocean is a large barren plan surrounding the Hawaiian Chain of Lakes.

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I got rid of Mapopolis shortly after posting my last comment above. It wouldn't stay running for more than 10 minutes, under any conditions, including a complete wipe of my Treo back to factory defaults and a fresh install of the software and maps. Crash crash crash. I ended up getting Delorme Street Atlas USA for $24 at my local Staples, which works great and is very stable. Kinda hinky, but I also had it running for nearly four hours straight yesterday without any errors or problems or crashes.

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