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Wow This Is A First

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Way back in 2003 we set up a series of 8 caches in the Merthyr Tydfil area which require a fair bit of legwork.


In order for the caches to be completed by people who are unable to tackle the challenge we produced a Wheelchair friendly version - we have just had out FIRST and only request for a copy of this version.


Hopefully someone will be giving this modified version a trial in the not too distance future.

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Sounds like an excellent project! I hope when it's tested at last everything goes well. Well done on thinking of making a physically easier version of the trail available, and the ironic use of the phrase 'legwork'. :anibad:<_<


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It's us that requested the wheelchair friendly version of the MM1-8 Series.

Mr F.B. is a carer for a quadraplegic lad who after hearing about our escapades Geocaching was keen to have a go. It's hard trying to find places in which he can take his wheelchair and he'd need help retrieving the caches so we're just feeling our way with this and looking at the possibilities.

We,ve found that he can get close to a couple near to home "Martha's Harbour GCQT3C" and "Severnsiders Walk GCQKQ1" although we've yet to take him there. The main difficulies for him is the fact that he is totally dependant on others.

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