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Hey Everyone...


I wanted to get your opinions on color screens... Are they worth it?


I have a Magellan Sportrak Map that broke last weekend :-( The good news is that means it is time for a new GPS!!


Magellan has a trade in program where you can get the eXplorist 400 for $149 and the 500 for $209, so we're talking a difference of $60. I'm pretty much limiting my search to these 2 units... Though I love the Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx, I don't think I want to drop another $120+ more than the 500 to buy it new.


I use the GPS for both hiking and car navigation. I was happy with the routing on the SporTrak Map for what I do, but I wasn't sure if the added resoultion and color was really worth it...


Is the color screen more delicate? Is there any noticible difference in battery life? Anything else you can think of?



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The utility of color is very subjective. That being said, I think color is well worth it. I like easily seeing the difference between a stream and, say, a railroad.


I don't recall any 400 owners reporting their rundown times. My 500 can get a little over 16 hours at the lowest backlight setting, and about 7.5 hours at the highest.

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For off road mapping the color is great. Probably too great not to have now. The difference between topo contour lines and small streams isn't much on a greyscale screen and color is a big help in determing the diffeerence sometimes. But....In city navigation, it serves no purpose other than "looking cool". Your GPS will guide you to your point of interest or address the exact same, with or without a color screen. In city navigation, who cares if the park you are driving by is green or not. Who cares if the pond you are driving by is blue or not...See my point? So, you need to decide where you'll be using it the most...On or off road.

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