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Hide & Seek A Cache Page


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I've always been puzzled why the waypoint is way down at the end of the Hide & Seek page. A minor complaint, for sure, but it gets rather annoying when entering in a bunch of finds, to have to continually scroll to the bottom of the page.


In addition, why doesn't the page plug in the "GC" part of the waypoint automatically.


The "Go to Another Waypoint" feature after adding a log displays the "CG" portion, but deletes it the moment you start typing.


It seems to me that both places could automatically prefix a four digit waypoint with "GC", no?

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The Geocachingadmin.com website was set up for the benefit of the volunteer cache reviewers. It contains special tools and information that helps us perform our duties. Certain sections of the website are also useful to the general geocaching community and thus are freely available.


I have absolutely nothing to do with setting up or maintaining this resource, so don't thank me. I'm just glad it's there. <_< It's been around for a few years. Occasionally it's linked in the forums by a reviewer or by a user, like in this thread. Enjoy.

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