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I have never see such a place but great idea, most I have seen is 2700 miles but then again im still a rookie.


I am about to pull a bug that was released in 2002 - Samurai Jack 15,736 miles.



I had another that showed great promise Prancing Pony . He had over 10,000 miles early in his career and made it to the UK before being left behind by the guy who brought him with a muggle that I guess did not follow through with placing him somewhere. (Or something like that... RIP Prancing Pony)



And my third Jeepin For Freedom never stood a chance... Jeepin For Freedom He was too much of a toy...


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Well, my sister from Maine was visiting my brother in Seattle, and one of his stuffed animals fell asleep in her luggage. (That's our story, and we're sticking to it!) So, we stuck a travelbug tag on it, and sent it back to him, from New Jersey. We called it Lost Bird. He called it Kidnapped Bird. It made it back to Seattle in only four months, and four hops! Well, my brother retaliated, and put a Furby change purse on it, and dropped it in a cache the Czech Republic. It's goal is to visit my sister in Maine. It's currently in the Netherlands, and has 8888 miles on it. Furby For a Change

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