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I would have thought that most of this could also be done with a bit of smart setup of your e-mail inbox to forward items to your phone, or send an SMS, based on various criteria.


When I get really desperate I consult my mail via mail2wap.com; it's not Rolls-Royce service but it more or less works.

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Pointless functionality, technology for technology's sake.

Sorry Opinion or Fact ?



It is nothing you can't already do with a PDA or Palm or Browser enabled phone.


Looks like a lump of Software added to your phone and what does it do, save a webpage content? There are tools available that allow this to be done already

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Moote, I agree with your point that this can be done by cobbling together existing gear but most consumers don't have the tech skills to do it. I've tried this service with my Nextel i870 GPS phone and it's very simple. Instant cache on your GPS phone that you can then find. One device that you already carry. The upfront cost of adding Trimble software to your GPS phone is low compared to buying a mapping GPSr (I have a Garmin 60C). I suspect this kind of approach will bring a lot more people to caching over time since just about everyone will have a GPS phone within the next three to five years by definition. Even the GSM operators in Europe that have been slow to adopt GPS in phones are now starting to get on the bandwagon in that a few GSM GPS handsets are now available (Motorola a780, Siemens SXG-75 for example).

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