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I think it depends on how infrequently it gets found. it is better there than a cache that is likely to get muggled and have the TB lost for good.


If it is your bug in such a cache, you could always request the cache owner to help move it along. I think a good cache owner would do that anyway after a few weeks if it is very infrequently hunted cache.


Also, for some the bug gives extra incentive to find the cache.

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In my area, we routinely place Geocoins and Jeep TBs in puzzle caches. The survival rate for these bugs is far better than placing them in 1/1 caches.


I emailed the owner of a rare geocoin and asked his permission to place his coin in my "5/5" cache, and he told me to go ahead.

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Hi...just want the general feeling...

Is it OK for someone to put TBs into difficult puzzle caches where they will inevitably stay for long periods? I personally don't think so, kind of counter productive to the whole TB idea.

thanks for input


The answer to your question depends on the goal of the bug. If it's in a race, a difficult puzzle isn't the place to drop it. If it wants to find your 'favorite' caches, that may be the right spot for it.


Travel bugs are meant to move (original thought) and complete the goals set by the owner. If someone from across the Pond wants to see Mountain peaks and there's a 5/5 cache there that will complete the goal, I'd do it (and post pictures).

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I've actually started solving puzzle caches just to rescue bugs that have been stuck in them for months. I've now taken it upon myself to try to track the bugs within 30 miles of my house. If a bug doesn't move within a month or so and I can get to the cache, I'll retrieve it and try to get it moving again. I'm also quick to e-mail a bug or coin owner to let them know that their bug or coin is no longer in a cache so they can start the tracking process.

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