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Cito Event In Connecticut?


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Was wondering if there were any scheduled CITO events in Connecticut. If not, how much interest is there in one? We are looking to join in or try to get one started!


http://cacheintrashout.org/calendar.aspx Check there for any neighboring states, too. Those New England states are so small that I know you might be interested in crossing a border ...


Or, think about organizing even a little CITO in the area you are interested in. Have you seen this?


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Yes, Virginia there is a CITO event in the Hartford area! We have an event! We will just have to wait to see how big it is! Fox Hill Tower is located in Henry Park in the Vernon Rockville area. Beautiful views abound! We just hate to see trash just outside the park proper. It seems that people have the idea that you have to be good and not litter while you are in the park but as soon as your tires leave park property well it's all good! There is a fireworks display from the tower every year and we can see the tower from our front porch. How nice it could be for visitors to park and walk just outside the park proper and it look just as nice there as it does in the park.


Please take a look at the event and post if you can attend! We look foward to meeting some locals and talk caching and clean up the area!


GCV79E N 41 51.803

W072 26.616

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