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Anyone Else Find Something Illegal While Out Caching?


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Never found anything of this sort myself, but appreciate the education.


Perhaps to add with finding meth discussion that this in effect a crime scene and shouldn't be tampered with.


I've never found anything illegal, I do hope to find a bag full of money from a bank robbery.


Unmarked bills, of course. :laughing:



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We were caching along a truck trail in Cleveland NF a few days ago when I practically drove right smack into the middle of a huge marijuana bust. There was a long line of various LEO vehicles, two suspects in handcuffs sitting right at the entry point for the next cache, a burly SWAT-type guy guarding them, and a helicopter airlifting huge bales of marijuana from the canyon floor up to the road we were on. It was kind of cool to watch the helicopter working, but a LEO told us that the road would be closed "for quite some time" and that we'd have to backtrack about 20 miles to get back out. [:ninja:] Time for Plan B!


Of course, I had to post a photo with a note for the cache that we were attempting to get to!

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About 25 years ago I was walking in the woods near my home and came across about 50 little pill bottle sized containers with pictures of marijuana leaves on the side. It looked like someone had bought a bunch of "Grow Your Own Marijuana!" kits and then dumped the little containers in the woods once they had outgrown them. Well, I truly don't know what they were but that's what they looked like.


On my very first geocache I found a CD player and two cd cases just off the path, hidden behind a tree. The circumstances were strange, though I'm sure it wasn't anything illegal.


Aside from those, I stumbled upon a couple of guys 'hooking up' while cacheing in NJ. The particular park was a known homosexual cruising area. Unfortunately, that fact was not known to the cache placer or the first few people to visit the cache. :P

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My daughter and I were in a park. The cache was obviously secreted somewhere in a crevice on a large pile of rocks which were sitting right in the middle of the park. We looked and poked for ages. Finally I saw a zip loc bag. I reached in deep, sure I had found the cache. Nope. Instead the bag contained a glass bong (a very pretty one; though admittedly, I have nothing to compare it to) and a tiny bag containing a few seeds. We are fairly new at this and got quite a laugh out of it. Never did find the cache, tho. <_<

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A friend and I were out caching and were stopped by a man and his son dressed in camo and with 2 shotguns in the back of their car. My friend, being very diplomatic, explained geocaching to them. Well, they said that the road we were geocaching on was a "private lane" and that they were preparing to walk the lane and flush out pheasant.


Well, we were pretty suspicious given that it wasn't pheasant season and it was labelled as a county road.


Needless to say, we left and let the owner of said caches know. He has since archived them.


Not a terribly scary story, but there you have it.

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