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How do you put links in your signature? I have been using HTML and it's not working. I have been using:


I have checked every HTML site known to man and they all say to use that. Do you use BB Code? If so, I would use:


Please help!


EDIT- Forgot the code BB Code.

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I just took selected everything in my signature box and copy-pasted it below (and the code is NOT part of the signature!):


[url=http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=df1a1cc7-9627-46ee-b7e2-db797e0786c5]MY STATS![/url]
I've been going in circles my whole life. May as well make a hobby out of it.
I know exactly where I am. It's where here is thats a problem at the moment.
Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
Why do we put something on a boat and call it cargo, but put it in a car and call it a shipment?

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Dynamic links and links to images are not permitted in your signature line, sorry. People interested in knowing about your finds and hides, or other information about you, can click on your name at the left of your post in order to visit your profile page.

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