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Multi Stage Saturation Rule?


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Does the 528 feet rule apply for stages of a multi?






Actually, it depends on what you mean by apply...


1) if you mean does every leg of a multi need to be .1 mile from another active cache or leg of a different multi then the Yes above is correct.


2) if however you mean "does every leg/stage of a multi need to be .1 mile from each other leg of the same multi" then the answer is No, the stages of a multi can be much closer together...to the point I don't think there is a rule about distance of legs of it's own multi, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong :P


Hope this explains things a bit better :)



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Is there any maximum distance apart for stages within a multi?


I'm not sure on the cache here in Minnesota, but there is one multi-stage cache that takes you basically around the entire state...I think when I asked local cachers a few weeks ago they said it was 400+ mile round trip :D


I'll admit, not many may do that cache, and it will probably never get people who are in it for the numbers (I think there are 10+ stages, but again going by faulty memory), but it's one of those caches that you feel a major sense of accomplishment once it's completed...


The main reason I'm commenting here is because the "multi" rule isn't that well understood, to the point that the cache nearest my home cooridinates is a multi that with three stages took over the entire park so no other cache can be placed there, which annoys me a little just because that would be a great area for me to place a fun one that I wouldn't mind maintaining (yes, I'm lazy :D ) The stages of that cache were all placed exactly .1 appart, so my belief is that the person placing it missinterpeted the rule...it's easier to think that then to think they were being a jerk :D


Really, multi's are things that should be fun and a different alternative to traditional caches, so variety is nice...but also not being seen as rude is also a good thing IMNSHO :D



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Does the 528 feet rule apply for stages of a multi?


The answer is no. Stages of a multi may be withing 528 feet of each other and often are. However, every stage of a multi must be at least 528 feet from any other cache or any stage of another cache. This is guideline; there might be reasons where a reviewer would allow a stage of a multi (especially a virtual stage) within 528 feet of another cache.


Is there any maximum distance apart for stages within a multi?


There is no maximum distance, but there is a pratical one. The "no vacation cache" guideline may come into play if the stages are too far apart.

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Is there any maximum distance apart for stages within a multi?




Be very careful about violating this seldom used rule. No two stages of ANY multi is allowed to be farther appart than 12450 miles.


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