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(probably A) Dumb Gsak Question.

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Having recently installed GSAK I'm still grappling with the features discussed on the forum. However, the one thing that I haven't figured out yet is what the "Lg" column is, the one that is a quartered green square with the occasional red section. Daft question perhaps, and I'm confident that once told it will seem obvious and I'll kick myself, but could somebody put me out of my misery please? :laughing:


Thanks in advance,



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Thanks Deego and Clyde for the info.


The help file is pretty thorough now I look at it in the right way, but the functionality of it is so good that I didn't use it properly. Looking for Lg in the index didn't enlighten me, but the simpler option of clicking on ? and hotspots didn't occur to me. In short I'm obviously not used to using such good software or such helpful help files.


Thanks again chaps,



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I think it's a shame you can't sort on that field. By assigning 4 for SBA, 2 for DNF, and 1 for found, and then multiplying by 8 for each position (most recent = most significant), you could get a 12-bit number which could be used to sort. That would put the caches with four DNFs at the top and four finds at the bottom, with one recent DNF outweighing four finds.

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