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  1. We are imminently transferring our work mobile phones from Orange to T Mobile. During the course of some discussions about the change with my supplier this morning, he showed me a dummy MDA Compact II (the pink one! ). Although this will cost a bit more initially it's not as expensive as I thought, and the idea of PDA and Sat Nav for the car at such a good rice certainly appeals. Browsing the T Mobile site I've also noticed the MDA Vario, which seems an even better option, particularly as it has wi-fi capability, but I do wonder if the pull out keyboard is a bit frail - I haven't actually seen the Vario yet. My main concern is the functionality of the units, particularly the telephone applications (which will still be their main use for us), and I wondered if anybody would care to share their experiences, good or bad, with the phones, and maybe even plump for a recommendation - go for it or run a mile will do. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  2. Our first attempt at finding a cache was a DNF. We searched for a good hour and a half before giving up and trudging home very deflated. After an exchange of e-mails with the owner it was determined that the box had been muggled, but even so we disappointedly logged a DNF because it was the honest thing to do. We'd looked and hadn't found it. There is a great deal of pride taken by cachers in their numbers - how many caches they've found etc. Similarly I can't help thinking that there is an element of pride too in unblemished records that makes some people want to avoid logging DNFs even though they may have been genuinely defeated by the cache. As Mr Nibbler said, if there were never any DNFs then it wouldn't be much of a game would it?
  3. It's not a very user friendly programme is it? I can't even manage to transfer the maps from the disc to my PC hard drive. The software gives me the option to do it, but never actually manages it.
  4. Ours too. Most of our cache finds are one waypoint incorporated into a circular walk. I don't favour our growing disposition towards the American way - using the car to get as close as possible to every destination.
  5. Wow. I never even tried to personalise the Google home page before. Having the rss feeds on the front is great. Thanks for the heads up Lakeuk.
  6. That's good news then. If it wasn't for guys like him then there'd be no re-sale market, so no stealing.
  7. One book is a useful reference for newbies, but Amazon do their old trick of trying to sell you two books, in this case with, I suspect, much the same content. Now THAT I struggle to see the point of.
  8. Do you have Greasemonkey itself installed? Erm, no I didn't, but I do now. Thanks Barry.
  9. Anybody now why I don't have the "user script commands" option in Tools? Do I need to install something else first? Steve.
  10. Thanks Deego and Clyde for the info. The help file is pretty thorough now I look at it in the right way, but the functionality of it is so good that I didn't use it properly. Looking for Lg in the index didn't enlighten me, but the simpler option of clicking on ? and hotspots didn't occur to me. In short I'm obviously not used to using such good software or such helpful help files. Thanks again chaps, Steve.
  11. Having recently installed GSAK I'm still grappling with the features discussed on the forum. However, the one thing that I haven't figured out yet is what the "Lg" column is, the one that is a quartered green square with the occasional red section. Daft question perhaps, and I'm confident that once told it will seem obvious and I'll kick myself, but could somebody put me out of my misery please? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  12. No history either. That would make me extra nervous. Steve.
  13. Yeah, I can't get to anything above forum 10... it just stops you having to go to the "Today's Active Topics" section to get to the different forums. Blimey, I go away for a couple of hours then can't get back in except through "View New Posts". Is it a coincidence that the East Coast of the US is just waking up? I'll get my coat.................gotta cycle home anyway.
  14. Ha ha. At least there are some police officers who have, and are prepared to use, their sense of humour.
  15. Just picked this thread up, but I will send you a pm PC as soon as soon as I can access your profile. Gc.com is playing me up a bit again just now. Thanks, Steve.
  16. Has anybody visited the NEC by train of late? It's a good option for us, but it's been years since I went there by rail, and then it wasn't for a major trade show. Does it save any time compared to driving? Steve.
  17. Whatever the "official" season it was certainly muddy today where we off roaded.
  18. It certainly didn't feel like spring to me yesterday morning at 8.15 - it was minus 4.5°.
  19. We had a "sliding down mud on knees/ backside caching experience today. Is this spring then? []
  20. Well done TD. We visited two sites today, found one and didn't find t'other. C'est la vie.
  21. I overcooked my last lot of rechargeables, but bought some replacement Panasonic 2100mAh Ni-Mh yesterday. Trouble is they don't give any idea of charging time on the battery or on the packaging, so hopefully 11 hours in my Uniross X-Press 150 charger hasn't ruined them too.
  22. Even more so when it's your first attempt at Geocaching though. The stoicism of experience isn't present when you leave for your first hunt, just optimism and excitement, which makes a DNF far more disappointing.
  23. Yep, chin up. We started with high hopes for our first Geocaching expedition last Sunday and were disappointed to log a DNF. Like your first attempt though, the evidence is there to suggest that the cache has been muggled - we just await confirmation. However, we have found a couple of caches this weekend and now feel confident in our ability so to do. So much so that we may be attempting 3 more tomorrow. So we know how you feel and sympathise, but keep on keeping on, your first find will be well worth it.
  24. Warning do not read this reply unless you want to feel old. Did a search on google and discovered that 'Champion The Wonder Horse' was a short run series between 1955 and 1956. As for the 'The Lone Ranger' was first broadcast in 1949. These date are for the USA not sure how much later (if any) for the UK. Woah, I'm not that old . I'm a child of the sixties - although my mom and dad can remember them (the sixties that is) so they obviously weren't there.
  25. As a curious newbie family we just wondered what the most valuable thing that you have found in a cache has been, and if you were prepared enough when you found it to trade up or even?.
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