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Just wondering what everyone likes out there. Sure the long hikes to the tops of mountains are rewarding for the thrill and the views, but some of those clever urban hides can be pretty cool as well. So spill your beans, what do you like?


I enjoy some local caches that can be done as a quite stroll on an afternoon. I also like the urban ones where you wouldn't think there could be a cache hidden. But the ones that require a full morning hike can be nice as well. But I don't always have the option to take a large amount of time and drive out somewhere far away to find a cache. So the local hides are a bunch of fun for me. And I tend to place those for others to find.


Of course, Cape Cachers might be getting tired of driving to the southern suburbs! :D

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We have been to preciously few caches we didn't like (and they shall remain nameless!). All kinds of caches are nice for all sorts of reasons. It's a very different sense of satisfaction to discover, say, Frodo's to discovering something difficult to find like those tiny little micros! And we throroughly enjoy hunting, erm, shal we say GPS-challenged caches - those under trees, or next to cliffs (or uner the trees next to a cliff!). At the time of hunting the language may be a tad enthusiastic, but in retrospect they are almost always good fun.


Vespa, the southern suburbs are ripe for a million more caches - so hide away at will.


And of course any event cache with TV&M's ice cream and chocolate sauce gets a big thumbs up from any cacher!



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QUOTE: B&F - the southern suburbs are ripe for a million more caches - so hide away at will.


I had a peak at Larks' list of hiding places, so I think I have a partner in 'crime' down here in the south! :laughing:


I have a friend coming from the states next month, so beware of my new micros once he brings the containers for me!!!!! :(


B&F/Discombob - your areas are plentiful as well. I hope to see some interesting hides in the near future as well.

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Ha ha! Right you are Vespa! I'm keen to add a few more esily accesible caches in the Southern Suburbs! Actually i have one or two hidden already, but i forgot to add stashnotes etc. so, as soon as I do that, they are good to go!


I don't mind easy caches, so long as they are in a place of worth, or the hunt is fun etc! And everybody likes a quick find every now and then.


Although, the tough ones always seem more rewarding!

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