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Inputting Coordinates?


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Are you putting decimal minutes or decimal degrees. Even using Decimal degrees will give you accuracy of 5 feet if your GPS could give you accuracy down to that level and if you are using decimal minutes the accuracy should be the same.


It gives this as Lon........-96.6280833333333


This is what I can enter on the gps.........96.62430


Is this enough of the number to find the cache?


Also, what coordinate system am I supposed to use for the cache coordinates from the geocache website?


Thanks, Chuck

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Located in the United States your 4 most viable Coordinate formats are:


HDD:MM:S.s (average resolution about 8.3 feet).


HDD:MM.mmm (average resolution about 5 feet). This is the Geocaching standard.


HDD.ddddd (average resolution a little more than 3 feet).


UTM (resolution about 3 feet).


Your question Longitude........-96.6280833333333 (average resolution about .00000036 inches).

That's kind of GPS precision is not possible, but yours will work fine to find Caches.

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