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Software Version 2.60/gps Sw Version 2.30, Huh?

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Now after updating my 60CSx to version 2.60 and displaying the current firmware version on the GPS itself, I see a screen that says :

Software Version 2.60/GPS SW Version 2.30


Maybe this happened before with 2.50 but I don't remember it. What's the deal with the "GPS SW 2.30" thing here?

( I've tried & tried to post the image of the screen here after capturing it with xImage but have yet to figure out the trick to it. It keeps asking me for a http://, not an image. I don't get it, why?)

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The image you wish to show in your post must first be hosted by a photo hosting service (or your own personal website)

an example of a hosting service is photodump.com go there and check out the concept

As to the software versions... dunno 'bout that yet

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If I were reading the display, I would say the user interface code is version 2.60

and the firmware that actually does the GPS operations (manages satellites, etc.)

is version 2.30.


I would expect these to have their own version numbers; I know my cell phone does

something similar.



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