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  1. Thanks Todd, I'll get it shipped tomorrow - priority mail!
  2. As a nod to a fireman, $145 & it's yours if you want it. paul425@comcast.net
  3. Thanks! Thought I saw the 60Csx's going for $225 - $250. Okay - $160 out the door or make an offer.
  4. There is a usb cable - one end is mini usb that connects to the 60Cx. For the $200, I'll throw in the car 12V adapter (that I just found) , it has a 4 pin round plug for the 60Cx & a cigarette lighter connector. Thanks for asking! Paul B.
  5. Hi This 60Cx is like new, no scratches on screen. I used it a few times & bought a Nuvi for my truck. It has a 2gig sd card with City Navigator 2008 (disk is included). Manual included & Trip & Waypoint Manager disk. Belt clip included. $200 shipped - preferably thru paypal. Thanks in advance Paul B.
  6. I use the usb power cord for my Razr cell phone since it's in the car anyway. I do not use the Garmin pwr cable with the 4 pin connector.
  7. NT upgrade works for NT versions only, IMHO. Garmin shows no upgrade for my 60Cx with City Nav 2009 maps (non NT)
  8. I use a MAHA MH-C204F smart charger for 2 or 4 AA or AAA. Nicad or Nimh Also has a 12v cigarette lighter adapter to run the charger.
  9. I had a link to a really good 60 site, sadly I can't get to it anymore.
  10. The card should lock in place and not move. See page 9 in the manual.
  11. My GPS, cell phone & digital camera all use the micro sd.
  12. It works for me. Gremlins maybe.
  13. Character Map doesn't work, or you can't find it? I can run character map & copy ok. I cannot use the alt0174 method.
  14. Interesting, doesn't seem to work for me using Win 2000. ???
  15. I have a 2 gig with CN08, loaded all of the USA
  16. I have year old Powerex batteries that now discharge if sitting for a week. When new they seemed to last a couple of weeks. I make sure I use freshly charged batteries when I go out. The problem was I'd grab my camera for a shot & get the "change batteries flag". I've since bought the newer eneloop batteries that hold the charge a lot longer.
  17. My 60Cx's epe at home is usually 17- 22, the last few days it's 60 -70 ??????
  18. Why would you think Garmin isn't working on it? They have done multiple updates to the 60 series in the last year.
  19. Darn, I was hoping for an Ipod interface. Just Kidding as I don't have an Ipod.
  20. Goto main menu, setup, system and then hit menu key on 60csx.
  21. Right, after the 1st check, it should ask if you want to check for other software updates (or something like that).
  22. IIRC, Canadian & European versions autoroute and maybe ver 4 & older.
  23. The reason is Metroguide NA does not do autorouting without a work-a-round, the Canada version does.
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