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Meters Or Feet?


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Or, if you prefer, a meter = the distance traveled by light (3.28083990 feet) in .0000033 seconds (in a vacuum), approximately.


Also, one meter = one metre.


Maybe the imperialists have something in their yards; you never hear anyone quarreling about how to spell yard., or exactly how many feet, or inches are in one. :P:lol:

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>METRE comes from the SI (Système International d'Unités).


> Which would be French. All those spelling it meter would be misspelling it. If you take careful note the

> majority of those languages you quoted have the "r" preceeding the vowel.


In Swedish, it's called meter. In brittish English, it's called metre. In French, it's called metre. In american English, it's called meter. All those spelling it "meter" is not misspelling it - if thery're not writing it in French or brittish English.


Oh get off your high horse! If you're not spelling it French, it's not right. :lol:

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