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60csx + Metroguide 5 = No Routing?


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Metroguide 5 & up do not autoroute, you can do a goto, but it will be a straight line. I sold mine & bought CS7.


From the garmin site:

MetroGuide® - This CD offers similar coverage as City Select, including points of interest. MetroGuide North America and Europe provide automatic route calculation for select products on the PC, while MetroGuide Canada offers autorouting on both the PC and compatible Garmin units. The main difference is its compatibility with Garmin units that do not have automatic route capability.


Garmin Mapping Software Link

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Any autorouting done on the GPSr with MetroGuide maps from version 5 and up will be done with the GPSr's basemap. An autorouting basemap is for routing on major roads between cities - NOT for going form point A to point B. So while your GPSr will APPEAR to autoroute with MetroGuide maps, you really wouldn't want to follow such routes as they'll take you insanely out-of-the-way.

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