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60csx Find Address Not In Current Location?

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I am currently traveling and trying to use my 60csx to find an address not in my current area. It seems if I hit FIND - Address - it only comes up with citys that are within a certain distance from my current location. I read in the instructions that you can "change reference" but that only seems to work for current waypoints. Does anyone know how to do this?


I know I can find it in mapsource on my computer and then mark the waypoint and transfer it to the gps, but I don't have access to that software.


Thanks a ton!

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I have metroguide usa v5


I did notice i can go to find - address - in the city boc hit enter, so the keyboard comes up then hit menu, and say select map, but i have about half the usa on there and they all say metroguide usa, so it would be a huge guessing game to find the area I want. So maybe it has something to do with the maps i have? If so that sucks ;)

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On my 60Cx the top item on the Addresses find page is the region selection field, which defaults to the state you're in. Just move the cursor up from the city field and change the region to the one you need. And yes, past version 4 Metroguide won't autoroute on the GPS, but it still has addresses and everything else (I'm using MG v6 until CN 8 comes out.)

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I'm having the same issue with my 60cx. It's not an autorouting issue, it's just locating an address (or intersection). Right now I have my area of California loaded in, along with a chunk of Florida. If I try to find an address in Florida, while the unit thinks it's in California, it will not find that address. I have to manually move the location to Florida before it will. I have Metroguide, I wonder if CN has this problem also.

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