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Coin Packaging

The Fraher Family

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I personally place mine into a large recipe card folded in half, then stapled on three sides. I then place it in a bubble-wrapped 4X7 yellow envelope. Sometime I use confirmation, especially overseas.


I am impressed at some of the way I have received my coins. Some take the yellow envelope that they have had coins sent to them in, cut it in half and either tape or staple the opened side. Kudos on the recycling. Except for the envelopes that are filled with the fluffy stuff...! :laughing:

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After reading both of these forums I have come to these conclusions:

  • Find what works best for you, if you're not sure well then go to the above for a slew of thoughts. :laughing:
  • Coin Shipping = CITO (The whole "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle"). :laughing:
  • Airborn coins make great entertainment! :laughing:
  • A video about airborn coins makes even greater entertainment!! :laughing:

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I fold in half an index card and tape the coin inside the card, put it in a mini envelope and fold over the adhesive strip. i then take a piece of packing tape and put it on the top which is real thin. and tape around the edges. ive sent out 50+ of these in the last few days. hopefully it works well. so far i know 2 have made it safely.



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