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Would This Work?


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I had an idea for a TB Hotel that I *think* would work, and I'd like others' opinions...


The listed cache coords would NOT be the actual coords, but within a mile or so (so that cachers will know what area it is in)... like a puzzle cache. Instead of solving a puzzle, though, cachers would be required to email me for the actual coords; in order to receive the coords from me, they must be a registered member here with recent activity, and they must disclose what TB's they will be placing &/or taking.


I know that makes it a big ordeal, but I'm thinking that way, only those really serious about TB safety will bother with the process...


Discussion? :mad:


Happy Caching!

Lori V.


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I don't like the idea.


- It prevents me from finding it if I just happen to be out and about in that area or if I'm passing through town and I forgot to contact you in advance.


- What if my email doesn't make it to you and you never respond. That would hurt my feelings :mad:


- How do you define recent activity? By logging into the web site or by how many caches you've found lately or by how many TBs you've moved lately or ????


- Why should I have to tell you in advance what TBs I plan to place/retrieve? What if I find one on the way - can it be placed or not since it may not have a reservation at the hotel?


Thanks for posting the idea here though :mad:

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My guess is that this cache wouldn't be approved. It's not perfectly clear in this case, but the description for Mystery Caches in the Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines seems to indicate that this would not be allowed.


The information needed to solve the puzzle must be available to the general caching community and should be solvable from the information provided on the cache listing. For example, a puzzle that requires research on public websites in order to determine the coordinates may be acceptable, while a puzzle that requires sending an e-mail to the cache owner with the solution in order to obtain the coordinates may not be.
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