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What Is Tide Prediciton?


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Was taking a look at the Legend C and Cx comparison table (http://www.garmin.com/products/comparison.jsp) and noticed that the Cx have a YES at Tide prediction while the C does not. I don't know what is it.

It's a neat little feature. you can click on a tide station, and the unit will calculate and display a graph of high and low tides in relation to the time of day. You can select different dates in the future as well. I've only used it as a curiosity, but I keep it loaded on my 60C anyway - it only takes up a couple hundred kilobytes of map storage space.

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Mapsourse Metroguide also provides Tide Prediction charts and graphs on your PC.


What version are you talking about? I have MetroGuide USA version 5 and I don't see any tide stations there. But having selected the Tide Points map product in MapSource, I see that it does work in MapSource for that. Cool!



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