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Mac Users... Help!


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Okay, Sketchy... tell me what all you use the GPSPro for, and then spell out those instructions for me! :huh: Pretty please? And I really DO mean... non-computer-savvy... me... simple language necessary... hehehe... really. TIA!


Happy Caching!

Lori V.



Edit: Because my mind works faster than my fingers!

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GPSBabel was the first to support USB Garmins on OS/X and, for a long time, the only one.


Since Apple made changes to OSX after I talked to their USB guys about my observations on the protocol analyzer, I'm pretty sure I was the first. :-) You will need a recentish firmware version on your VistaC to succeed. I just checked the GPSy page and don't see any Garmin USB - and it's enough of a pain to support that if they did it, they'd crow about it.


MacGPSBabel is in a bit of a tailspin right now, but nothing that interest from users (financial or help) couldn't fix. Certainly the last version we published is a fine one, it's just updating it that's a problem.

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