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  1. I just had someone install the new firmware. What's it supposed to have fixed. (Been away from this forum a while.)
  2. Well, it depends on what type of air vents your car has. I have a Jeep Liberty and tried the Radio Shack branded air vent mounts...AWFUL. And worse, hey just might break your air vents. you're better off with a glass suction cup mount.
  3. reason i ask is I wonder if it'll fix my autoroute navigation error...so i can take the card out, reset and put the card back in?
  4. any specific reason why you had to reset?
  5. I think my problem may be related... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=122841
  6. This is just getting weirder by the day. Today I had a route set up with about 7 waypoints, some of which included the same areas I had problems with yesterday. The directions were absurdly off, it would start spitting out directions for turns that should have happened at the beginning of my trip (with map info for corresponding roads). What's more, in the turn by turn directions page, it specifically deleted the first stop of the route! Then it just hit me that on a separate occassion, I had problems with routing from the same geographical area. Is it possible that City Nav has bad patches of map data, so that any directions leading to and from it would be erroneous? Let's say I were to do a hard reset, does this affect the SD card in anyway, i.e. will I lose the map data saved on it?
  7. I can confirm that. Lots of us bay staters around I see.
  8. I'm in the same area. I have never gotten a lock at any time with 35.
  9. Just did it both ways...same exact route. I distinctly remember it giving me known shorter routes. I don't understand why it would bonk out now. Also, does anyone know how long unsaved tracks stay on the map? MacGPSPro needs to download unsaved tracks in order to keep time stamps. But on recent walks, I didn't save the tracks, but instead turned tracks off in the menu. After maybe two or three times turning the unit on/off, the tracks disappeared...
  10. I don't know if its a selection in one of the menus I made, but lately directions to and from POIs are not the best routes. As an example, while I was out on my errands today, I asked it to show me the shortest route from the post office back home. It gave me a 2.5 mi. route that intuitively would not seem like the shortest route, so I turned on the trip computer and drove my usual way. My own way was half a mile shorter. These aren't backcountry roads, these are well known streets that CN has in its database. I don't seem to remember running into this problem in the first few days I got CN loaded, I'm not quite sure why its doing it now. BTW, route settings are on "car" and "avoid uturns", CN is definitely showing in map setup, and route calculation is on "best"...
  11. I just upgraded to a 60 CSx. I bought this Yellow Etrex for Xmas and used it on hikes no more than four times. It's so new, there's at least still a quarter charge from the original battery. It comes with everything except for the box. I also have the two pronged PC link cable (serial) & cigarette adapter. I'm not in a huge hurry to sell, so I'll keep this posting up for a while and see what kind of responses I get from you people. Email me with any questions and however much you are willing to offer. Thanks.
  12. I actually was driving east bound from the pike into the callahan out into logan. Lost lock completely. I thought it had something to do with the airport messing with the signals...
  13. I also opened up a new thread a while back about sites that have downloadable user-created POIs by state (or region? or interest? etc...). Maybe we can get something started here with this thread...
  14. like i said i was testing it out. And you'd be surprised how strong a signal you get indoors with the new CSxs...
  15. Yes please Garmin fix the wandering problem asap. I went on a four mile hike this past weekend on varying terrain, altitudes and tree cover, the tracks the GPS produced were perfect. today I go to a grocery store and left the tracks on as a test. when i downloaded it to my computer, the tracks while I was in the store was all over the place, with two points going almost a mile out from the store!! Why such varying results???
  16. When will we start seeing changes? No mention of effects to civilian GPSrs...or am I misinterpreting this?
  17. i'll try it again today and see if I misread/misinputted something.
  18. Yes, it can be frustrating. Especially if its a time you don't know the area well. At what point does the unit give up and assume you've either abandoned the stop or are well past it and moves on to the next one. Secondly, your situation shouldn't have to do with why mine decided to abandon waypoint three of four which was probably over 3 miles from point 2 (the large parking lot at a shopping center.) Maybe turning nav off when you're close helps?
  19. So as a test with my new CSx, I plotted five places I needed to go run errands to. I created a route and had my gps navigate to all those points in the shortest route possible. The first point wasnt loaded as a POI (the town library) the police station was close enough so I entered that. As I looked for parking and circled around the block, the gps kept recalculating. when I finished with my errand there, the gps plotted a route to the next point--a store. So far so good. The store has a gigantic parking lot. So it kept recalculating, i'm not sure to where because i had to keep my eyes on the road. After I parked and finished my errand, it had instructions to take me to a grocery store, assuming thats where it was taking me, i followed the route. Instead, it was taking me home (the last point)! Did it assume that I didn't want to go to the store anymore because I was coming from such a different vector (due to the massive parking lot)? I'm starting to think the best way to do this is to turn navigation off when the location is in visual range, and then turn it on when you are ready to drive to the next point...Any other observations?
  20. You sure you want to do MacGPSPro? I'm sure someone here uses a free app. to do exactly what you need.
  21. Anyone know of any good US sites with a downloadable list of POIs? Preferably by region...
  22. well, MacGPS Pro costs $50 to download. There are a bunch of free apps for mac also MacGPSBabel comes to mind. But I can't really comment on those as I've never used them. The one I have is really easy to use and, yes, GoogleEarth can read the formats MacGPSPro uses.
  23. If you're using MacGPS Pro, then I can help you.
  24. You guys talking about the GPS popping out of the bike mount, are you talking about Gilsson or the Garmin bike mount? I bought the Garmin bike mount, have been forcefully shaking it and it seems pretty secure--doesn't look like it will pop out...
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