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Geocoin Cliff Notes Needed


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Wow, I can see how geocoins can be addictive! I just found my 500th cache yesterday and thought it would be fun to make my own geocoin so I checked this forum...and now I'm a little overwhelmed! <_< I was hoping that someone can answer a few...probably simple...questions for me. There are so many sizes and types of metal, what is the most popular? Do you recommend having the coin covered with epoxy? I plan on the coin being trackable on geocaching.com, but I am also thinking about an icon...any feedback? Also, I was hoping to use some glow in the dark color...are there other coins out there like that? Any help would be appreciated!

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It seems that you need an Icon now to make your coin popular, and I like Epoxy covered coins, if I make a Cruiserdude II it'll have it.

Glow in the dark can be found on the Jaybee Litlens coin, I think he was 1st, and the new Lampost coins, also the up and coming Legend of Bigfoot will have Glow in the dark eyes.

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Most popular? Probably 1.5" or 1.75"


Epoxy is nice. I have it on my 2006 coins, but didn't use it on my 2005 coins. Some people like to "feel" their coins and would probably say no to epoxy <_<


To have your own icon, you'll need to mint 500 coins minimum.


There are a few coins that have used/do use the glow paint. I'll let their owners tell you about them.


The thing to remember about designing a personal coin... it's YOUR coin. Do whatever you want to it, design it however you like and make it uniquely yours. That's what having one is all about... leaving YOUR little mark in the world :ph34r:


Welcome to the madness.

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I think you should check with potential coin makers about the epoxy. IIRC some coatings/colors look really nice and have a good shine and all, but are relatively soft. If your coin is to be put in a display case it may not matter, but if your coin is going actually go in a cache / or be used as a traveler, it maybe end up all chiped <_< . Something to consider.

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