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Need Some Info On Buying A New Gps

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Hey one of my friends is about to buy a gps and asked for my help. He will be using the gps for geocaching and maby to grab a waypoing fishing. the only gps that i have ever used is my etrex legend and i would not trade it for the world. He wants to max at $130. I am torn between either the yellow etrex or the magellion 200. please give me you input maby even a pro con list. Also i would love any suggestions of a gps taht falls into the <$130 range

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The Legend is the way to go. It has the cable to connect to your PC. The yellow does not and will cost about $30 to get one from Garmin making it about as expensive as your legend. I also believe you have enough memory in your legend to be able to load TOPO maps. This makes finding caches easier because you will get to see some of the trails and contour lines. It is not as detailed as a printed map but can keep you out of trouble on hikes. ;)

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A biiiig con of the Magellan 200 is that it doesn't have a port to hook up to a PC. If you get semi serious about geocaching this is a crucial feature. The yellow eTrex does have this. BTW the Legend can be found for $120 if you shop around.


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Another GPS to look at would be the Lowrance I finder. I think I have seem them for 120-130, THey are newer technology thant the old Yellow e-trex and venture. The I finder will support a detailed map display and offers expandable memory. For the price it would be hard to find a GPS from Garmin of Magellan that offer as many features.


I Finder

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