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Garmin Software Questions

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Recently bought a Legend C that came with trip and waypoint disk. Was given a Legend for Christmas......lucky me!!!!!Plan on keeping both units. can i download my disk on two different computers one at home and one at work or do i need to "unlock them"? Also with this disk is my Legend now sort of capable of auto-roughting via the trip and waypoint disk??? Thanks for any info!!!!

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Q1 - Yes you can load the software on multiple computers; I have it on my laptop and desktop at work and my computer at home. I don't remeber if you have to register the software or not. If you have any other mapping software from Garmin and want to use it on more than 2 units you will have to purchase additional registration codes.


Q2 - No the software program does not make the Legend capable of auto-routing.

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Thanks Palm G But my second question was a sort of.....meaning i can go in and manually enter my route on my PC then mark way points as turns and go from there or is that to much work????

The routing you speak of would be considered manual routing. Autorouting is where the GPSr is able to use data to produce an accurate route on its own.


You can indeed use the Trip & Waypoint software to manually route your GPSr. It is a lot of work to do that. Too much...? That's a relative question. What may be too much for some may not be enough for others.

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