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I was invited to check out the Waymarking.com website a few months ago just like every other premium member out there. I gave it a passing look and decided it was still very beta. A few nights ago I thought I would try it again since I am a fan of virtual caches (start the critics here about them). I could only find one in South Africa, which is in Kirstenbosch Gardens.


So, I tried to add one to the site. You know, do my part. I tried and after two days of waiting for approval my waymark was declined becuase,


"I am sorry, but this waymark does not provide an earth science lesson as requested in the guidelines. Is it possible to provide some information about the geology ?"


Well, I should do the research and get it together, but I really just want people to go and visit the area. Although the geologic lesson would be nice everytime I go out to find a place, also just being out and seeing new areas is enough to draw people out. and me. :( Besides, how much more can you tell some one about a river that eroded a path through a valley and made something interesting?


What have others thought of Waymarking? I am not impressed with the feel of the site, the clumsy searching method, and the huge amount of category's to shuffle through to find what you are looking for.

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What have others thought of Waymarking?

So far.....Not interested


I may one day review a list of historical sites in the US if I ever visit there again to get some coords, but doubt I will ever partake in WM. This will eventually become a mammoth database which I'm sure GS will sell to various parties.


VERY glad they have kept it separate from GC, and I hope it stays that way.


Virtuals and LC's don't interest me too much. I can see the value of virtuals, but they got abused. And there are some challenging LC's worth attempting, and make some interesting reading, but for every good one there are 10 shockers which are poorly controlled as per the rules of LC's. Which I guess is why they're being migrated to WM.



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