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Becoming A Premium Member Without Creditcard


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I'm in the Netherlands and I want to become a Premium Member. But I don't own a creditcard. I tried to pay through PayPal but Groundspeak still asks for a cc.

Sending a moneyorder from the Netherlands makes the price twice as much so that's not a good alternative.

Does anyone know how I can transfer money to Groundspeak in another way? Or when Groundspeak will change its policy and let you pay without cc?


Greets, Ruud4d :)

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I use Paypal

The paypal option is below the credit card option here.


"If you don’t wish to use PayPal to subscribe you can send a check or money order for $30 payable to Groundspeak to the following address:



ATTN: Subscriptions

24 Roy St PMB 321

Seattle, WA 98109-4018 "

OK, let me try to explain it again.

Sending a check or money order from the Netherlands costs about $30. So becomming a Premium Member this way would cost about $60. I think that's too much.


So I do wish to use my PayPal account. Allong the way of paying $30 to Groundspeak I must give my creditcard number. But I don't own a cc. So I can't transfer money to Groundspeak through PayPal.


I know there are many more dutch who would like to pay Groundspeak but can't because of this reason. And I suppose there are even more people allover the world who encounter the same problem. So Groundspeak misses a lot of money because they insist on a creditcard to be used when paying through PayPal. If they would only change this, they would make a lot of geocahers very happy.


Greetings, Ruud4d

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Here is the way I became PM:


I have a PayPal-Account, but no CreditCard.


I sent money (US$ 30) through PayPal to: paypal@Groundspeak.com


Note: Don´t use the subscribe-option on gc.com. Go to www.paypal.com and send the money.


I added in the subject my username (alex3000) and "Groundspeak Premium Member"


after that, i sent an e-mail to contact@Groundspeak.com with the PayPal-Transaction-Number and asked to set me a premium member.


After a few days i got an e-mail that my account was changed to PM for one year.

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Alex' solution works fine. I'm using it the second year without any problem.


But I would be very glad if could send my the money to a Groundspeak account in Euroland (The Euro Currency Zone). Money orders from one Euroland countrys to another are normally free of charge.

There are many geocachers in Euroland who would like to become a premium member but do not own a credit card. And many european cachers don't wan't to use paypal because of privacy protection reasons.


How about setting up an account in an Euroland country, preferably in The Netherlands?

It would result in many new PMs from Europe.

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