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Lsd Group - Part 2


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2nd Topic for this, as first one is a bit long.


Apologies for no posts over the past month or so, but here goes. Over the past few weeks a few "new" TBs appeared on the radar and there are also a few very old ones, where the cacher that has the bug, did visit Geocaching. These are all travel bugs in the hands of cachers somewhere for more than 6 weeks :unsure:


Even though we can appreciate that many a cacher do not get time to cache every weekend, the accepted time of 2 weeks or 14 days, should be adheared to as much as possible, even if the cacher just post a note on the travel bug page, to let the owner and other cachers know of when the travel bug will be placed next.


1. Wicked Witch of the West - Taken from Magnetic Mudstone by Golf Delta on 11/09/2005(Cacher last visited Geocaching on 12 September 2005)


2. White Jeep Travel Bug "Aldan" taken from BarcodeZA by QFC on 19/09/2005 (kom aan man, ons wil ook in daai Jeep ry) :huh:


3. Holes in One taken from Hoy's Koppie by Patrick99 on 4/9/2005.


4. The Dragon taken from Waterbuck by RSA200 on 23/08/2005 (Cacher last visited Geocaching on 23/08/2005)


5. Barbeque Bug taken from Signal Hill by Clifford and Donovan on 9/8/2005 (cacher(s) last visited Geocaching on 11/10/2005)


6. P&Ts USA Geocoin #1 taken from Konsentrasiekampkerkhof by Team Toaster on 8/8/2005 (Cacher last visited Geocaching on 26/09/2005)


7. Mhambi and his Mini Taxi taken from Noon Gun by Dave G and Suzie E on 9/07/2005 (Cacher(s) last visited Geocaching on 17/10/2005)


8. Rocky Mountain High taken from Confidence Reef by jloza on 17/04/2005 (Cacher last visited Geocaching on 5/07/2005)

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By no means am I as thorough as Warthog with keeping track of missing/ hi-jacked bugs, but while tracking the 2006 SA TB race I have come across 2 bugs that are screaming to be let loose and continue with the race.


Currently “The one that go away” (owned by AE_James) has been held captive by another mouse, GPSMouse, since the 8th of Jan and “Timothy, the Mutant GM Tortoise” (owned by Tricky Vickey & Mickey) has been held by Warthog (SKANDAAL!! <_<) since the 31st of Jan. We currently have “Humble Office Crock” since the 9th of FEB and will be placing him and the other overdue bugs this Saturday.


Come on guys these bugs are racing and don’t need to be held back. They currently have no mileage on them at all. I want to see some mileage on them so that tracking them is more fun. Selfish reasons I know, but still…

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Not practising what he spreaches, I here the masses scream <_<


However in defence (your honour) I would like to say that the turtle was placed on 19 Feb (in Yuppie Uppie or Kliprivers NR) but I forgot which one when I arrived home. Due to all the rain and the wet and muddy terrain (Klipriversberg NR is nearly a no go area as even the paths are now rivers I hear), I could not confirm where turlte was placed.


Also, yesterday I attempted to go and check on Yuppie Uppie, but the parking lot and surrounding area was closed due to it being a voting station. Will visit it this afternoon on the way home.

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2. White Jeep Travel Bug "Aldan" taken from BarcodeZA by QFC on 19/09/2005 (kom aan man, ons wil ook in daai Jeep ry)


I observed Goofster placing this TB in TopBilling (Cape Town) and I then removed and placed in Wind Farm (western cape) yesterday (1/3/06). That one is moving along.


Just to let you know that the WC is moving along...... :)


Oh....If you want to move my Tb along for having posted an update on this thread, by all means, move it along. MPF. <_<

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Had an email from Larkman informing us that he had picked up Timothy, the GM Mutant Tortoise, from Shakespeare's Garden today and will be moving him on shortly - so happy he is safe and sound and didn't drown in all that rain that is falling on the northern parts of our country and just hope he now manages to have fun and get a move on travelling around our beautiful land! We will be waiting and watching ......... !



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At least we know Timothy is safe… just a shame he’s not collecting his points…perhaps he’s giving the hare a chance….wait there is no hare in this race….although Scallywag can double as one…dear oh dear…hopefully Larkman will get him placed soon so that Timothy can officially get off the starting line.

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As far as I know, Wicked Witch is in the hands of Fish Eagle. I brought her from Mpumalanga in December, placed her in January.


Eagle visited the Cape and is taking her back to Mpumalanga. He has had her 8 days only.


Methinks she is not lost...

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LOL, Please all note that the first post in this thread was made on the 25th of October 2005. We only added to the thread since our post was on topic...


So one assumes that all of the TB's listed in the first post have been found / moved, unless Warthog want to take on the title of "your honour" :laughing: again...


We are still waiting for "The one that got away" to get away from the mouse.... Will happen soon I hope.

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