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Saving Shiloh Wooden Nickels Are Coming

Saving Shiloh

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I have ordered 7 coins for myself to trade with. If anyone is interested, please send me your home address or po box @ djmike2005@sbcglobal.net . The coins can be seen as an EXAMPLE

this is what they look like:



The team name will be replaced with Saving Shiloh and the bottom part will say " YOU are the search engine"


they should be here @ 2-5 buisness days :unsure::huh: so just lay back and relax :D


UPDATE: I've just received a graphic of what the coin should look like....and no, it won't be black and white , it'll be the wodden color up there^^^^^^^^^



and i would like to TRADE them, not sell them or give them away.Also limit 1 per user account.

Thank you

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