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Help With Cache Hide - What Type Is It?

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I have 5 caches hidden in a 7 mile radius, each cache containing one part of the 6 part coordinate of another cache.


This last cache...I was going to make it a puzzle to find the last number, and then call it all a puzzle....BUT i was stopped when my last coordinate is actually 3.3 miles from the cache hde. (the cache is in teh woods. the final coordinate was from a bank clock tower).


Moving the clock is not feasible. Moving the cache is not feasible (the coords would change, screwing up all the work so far).


So what is the best way to salvage this?


My thoghts...could it be a multi, and if so could the last stage still be the way i have it (it is being rejected as a puzzle as the start and finish are too far aparti...would that be the same as a multi?)


Hide yet another cache with the last coordinate (or make the bank clock a virtual perhaps...) so that the last secret cache is all buy itself?


Any other ideas??

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Hello Prof Fate,


As you know, I am the reviewer for your cache. Until reading your post, it was not clear to me that the posted coordinates for your puzzle cache were relevant to solving the puzzle. I didn't quite know what the instructions on the cache page meant. Now that I read something here about looking at a clock, it makes more sense.


If the posted coordinates for the puzzle cache ARE relevant to finding the cache, then the guideline I referred you to does not apply. The guidelines say that the "bogus" posted coordinates for a puzzle should be no more than a mile or two away from the actual cache. When I read on your cache page the boldfaced statement, "The cache is not at the above coordinates," I assumed that this guideline applied. But now it is clear to me that the published coordinates are not "bogus" at all.


It is often helpful for a complex cache (like this multi/puzzle hybrid which relies upon five other caches) to leave a "Note to Reviewer" to explain how it all fits together. I've looked at more than 100 cache pages in the past week, and sometimes I can be a little dense when I read too quickly. I am sorry for not understanding exactly how your final puzzle cache works.


Your cache will be published momentarily without changes. Enjoy the logs.


EDIT: Here's a link to the OP's newly published cache. B)

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I went driving to find a better/closer starting point, and well, was getting frustrated.

I will re-read my page and see if it is clear enough to those attempting it...I understand it, but that means nothing.


there is a fine line between making it too easy and too hard, isn't there?

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