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Custom Icon For A Tb

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My understanding is that there's a fee involved to have a custom TB icon on geocaching.com. According to a post in the How Do I Get A Own Symbol For A Geocoin? thread in the geocoin forum, there's a one-time fee of $150 for the icon. That's of course in addition to the cost of registering tracking numbers for the individual travel bugs (Jeeps, state coins, whatever), which appears to be $1.50 per bug for bulk purchases. It's not something you'd do for a single TB, but rather something you might consider for a major series with hundreds of bugs/coins/etc.

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Actually, I think the custom icons are targeted towards things that aren't unique - i.e., things like state geocoins where there's hundreds or thousands being created. In that geocoin thread I linked to, team simpson also mentioned that personal geocoins couldn't get custom icons. So I think that a one-of-a-kind, personal TB isn't going to qualify for a custom icon. (All the icon types so far have been for things that you could find multiple instances of - multiple trad caches, multiple multicaches, multiple coins, multiple regular TBs, multiple Jeep TBs, etc.) But then again, I also haven't found another discussion that covers this from a TB angle - most of the custom icon talk has been geocoin-related, so I'm really just speculating (aka "talking out of my posterior" :(). It's my best guess based on what I've read, but it's still a guess.


The easiest way to find out for certain is to just email 'contact AT geocaching.com', explain your idea (including a link to your TB page), and ask if they'd go along with it. Perhaps also ask if it would be okay for you to post their reply here in the forums. Regardless of whether it's thumbs-up or thumbs-down, I'm sure there'll be other people who might come up with the same question, and if the answer's available in the forums they might find it with the search function, or be pointed over to this thread by someone else. ;)

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The example Jeeps Jeep feels like a locationless cache to me more than a travel bug. There are a lot of ways to resuse ideas in this game.


People do have personal travel bugs. Maybe a generic icon would make sense for personal travel bugs. The grab, drop options may even be a bit different in the future for this type of TB.


If a personal TB is a state coin there could be confusion... dohhh. Never easy is it! :(

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How did Jeep get them and how can I?

I think Jeep bought 5,000 little toy cars, and 5,000 travel tags, and and maybe paid extra fees (Groundspeak ususally doesn't get into the specific details of what they do).

If you have a couple thousands laying around, maybe you can make an organization coing and get it is own icon...

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