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New Coin Question (ys, Another)

Chaos A.D./aka Arlsdaddy

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Wife and I are getting ready to send in artwork for a personal coin. We plan on having them numbered 001 to 100, but not trackable. My question: Since we don't have the "up front" money to have them produced, can we take preorders to get the cash, then if we don't get enough or can't make up the difference, give refunds? How do all you traders feel about this? It is new to us, but really like some of the personal coins we see. Our intensions are to sell about half to be able to order them, keep a couple two or three, then the remainder will be placed in difficult caches and used as FTF prizes. Also, if anyone can show me how to use this darn photoshop program, we can get better art dies made :rolleyes: Thanx and as always, happy caching!!

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Others have done the same thing, I think it would be okay. I assume you mean sell half the coins at or near your cost and pay for the other half, the half that you keep, out of your own pocket. If you're talking about selling half for enough to pay for the whole order, that's different. As long as you're up front about it, it may be okay, but would probably be frowned upon.


And not selling out basically only 50 coins is not likely. However, lots of folks that have their own personal coins will want to trade rather than buy. Me, I'm almost out of my coins, so I'd buy one.

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give refunds?

If you’re using Paypal you will be charged a % fee and flat fee.


I could be wrong but if you do refunds I believe you do not get reimbursed by Paypal at all. So by doing this you would end up paying out of pocket just to try...


Giving a few refunds is one thing having to refund 20+ people can cost you.





As far as Photoshop, my art work and the WGA Wisconsin coin art were done in Photoshop.

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