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Czech Wood Geocoins

Ponik & team

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Czech Wood Geocoin collection



Ponik & Team from Czech republic have new PS wood geocoin




Ponik & Team Geocoins are not for sale! To get one, you must

find one in a cache or trade me one in exchange for your own

personal signature item geocoin.

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Hi, we came across a Czech wood geocoin in one of our GCs that we found recently. I guess it was a non-trackable one -- there was no record attached to the cache listing. We left it because we weren't sure if it simply hadn't been logged yet and maybe had a specific "goal."


Can someone just tell me briefly how to be certain that something is non-trackable vs. it just wasn't logged yet?

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I see that you are testing if someone really reads this international forum :). Czech Wood Geocoins (CWGs) are non-trackable sigitems, despite the confusing name "geocoin". They were created a few years back to improve quality of trade items, and they evolved into an obsession for many Czech cachers. People collect them, trade them, there are CWG exhibitions, etc. When you find one in a cache you should trade it, ideally for your own or any other CWG. If you don't have any you should put to the cache another item of the same or higher value. To give you an idea, the cost of one CWG is about 7 Kč. Some CWGs are really nice. Just browse the official CWG database.

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I use wooden nickels as swag. I buy them by the pound from the old fashioned wooden nickel company here in Texas. It’s normally a hodgepodge of nickels from all over the country. I usually drop about 5 or 6 in each cache I go to. I intend for others to do whatever they want with them. :)

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